Greek Parliament Votes on Revising 43 Constitutional Articles

(Photo by Eurokinissi/Yorgos Kontarinis, FILE)

ATHENS – The parliament plenum will on Thursday reach a final decision on which of the 43 articles of the constitution selected for possible revision, and with how many votes, will be referred for amendment at the next revisional term of the Greek parliament.

The debate started at 10 and will be concluded in the evening with a roll-call vote.

The point of controversy between SYRIZA and main opposition New Democracy is expected to be the interpretation of article 110.

SYRIZA insists that the current parliament commits the next revisional parliament regarding the direction and the context of any revision to articles, while ND rejects this view and supports exactly the opposite, namely that the next parliament is committed only with respect to the articles to be revised, not the form or content of the revision.

The voting on Thursday is the second round, during which the deputies will be called to vote on a total of 32 proposals made by SYRIZA’s parliamentary group, four proposals tabled by ND and seven supplementary proposals tabled by independent deputies that had collected the necessary 151 votes, which is a majority in the 300-seat Greek parliament.

In the case that an article proposed for amendment or revision does not collect over 151 votes in the second round of voting, it is rejected and will not be referred to the revisional parliament.