Theresa May’s Brexit Withdrawal Agreement is Defeated in UK Parliament, Against 391-242 For (Vid)

Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May speaks to lawmakers in parliament, London, Tuesday March 12, 2019. Prime Minister Theresa May's mission to secure Britain's orderly exit from the European Union appeared headed for defeat Tuesday, as lawmakers ignored her entreaties to support her divorce deal and end the political chaos and economic uncertainty that Brexit has unleashed. (Jessica Taylor/UK Parliament via AP)

LONDON – The measures for United Kingdom’s Withdrawal Agreement from he European Union was voted down In the House of Commons with 391 votes opposed and 242 votes in favor.

“I profoundly regret the decision that this House has taken tonight,” said Prime Minister Theresa May.

Prime Minister May noted that the votes in the House of Commons, one for Britain’s withdrawal without a formal agreement and the other for a Brexit time extension, will proceed as expected, as scheduled on Wednesday and Thursday.

She stressed that if Parliament voted in favor of a Brexit without an agreement with the EU, it would be the policy of the government to implement this decision. If Parliament votes against a Brexit “no-deal”, then Prime Minister May’s government will hold a new vote Thursday to extend Article 50.

For Wednesday’s vote, the Prime Minister stressed that members of the Conservative Party may vote as their conscious dictates them. She once again reiterated that the agreement she had put to vote was “the best and only available”.

May’s spokesman stressed that there are currently no plans for further talks with the EU.

The European negotiator for Brexit, Michel Barnier, ruled out any extra extra effort to help Britain to reach an agreement on a smooth withdrawal from the European Union, underlining that after yet another voting debacle in Parliament amongst MPs, the impasse can only be solved in the UK by the Brits themselves.

“The EU has done its best to help with the adoption of the Withdrawal Agreement,” Barnier said. “The deadlock can only be solved in the United Kingdom. Our preparations for a Brexit without a deal are now more important than they were in the past. ”

The second rejection by the House of Commons of the Withdrawal Agreement reached by the EU and the government of Teresa May “significantly increased” the risk of a “no-deal Brexit,” said spokesman for European Council President Donald Tusk, minutes after the latest defeat for a comprehensive Withdrawal Agreement by British Parliament by the vote tally of  391 against and 242 votes in favor.

“We regret the outcome of the vote tonight,” the spokesman said. “From the European side, we have done what was possible to reach an agreement … it is difficult to see what more we can do,” he noted.

“With just 17 days until March 29th, this evening’s vote significantly increased the chances that Brexit will occur  without a deal … If there is a reasonable request for an extension from the UK, the EU 27 will examine said request and decide how to proceed via consensus “He added.

Britain’s scheduled departure from the European Union is March 29th.