FedHATTA: New Tourist “Bridge” Between Greece and USA Created By New Chicago – Athens Link

(AP Photo/Susan Walsh, File)

10ATHENS – A further boost of US tourism to Greece and outbound tourism from Greece to the US is expected following the start of the new daily direct American Airlines flight route between Chicago and Athens this summer. The Federation of the Hellenic Associations of Travel & tourist Agencies (FedHATTA) emphasized that American Airlines is yet another airline that will “import” direct flights between the countries , which is a clear recognition of Greece’s touristic dynamism.  

The new connection was announced at a special event that was held by the American Airlines in Athens, ahead of the start of the route, which attended by numerous representatives of the Greek tourism industry, the business department of the US Embassy in Athens and FedHATTA.

FedHATTA President, Lysandros Tsilidis, speaking at the event, welcomed the launch of the route and stressed that he was looking forward to expanding flights throughout the year so that American visitors could enjoy holiday experiences in Greece 365 days a year , one of the main concerns of Greek tourism. Mr. Tsilidis also urged Greeks visit one of the favorite destinations: the USA.

Helping Greece – US tourist traffic is a strategic priority for FedHATTA. The Federation is in close cooperation with the Association of American Travel Agents, ASTA, having played an essential role in organizing the ASTA Conference in Athens in April 2018 (ASTA ADE, April 14-17).

The strategic actions of the FedHATTA in the US market continue systematically, with the height of their contribution being showcased for all by the Federation’s organization of the ASTA conference in Rhodes, the ASTA International Showcase (March 20, 2019), the second organization of US tour operators in Greece in as many years.

According to data from the Bank of Greece for 2018, incoming travel traffic from the United States grew by 26.9% on an annual basis and stood at 1,097 thousand travelers, with the respective receipts recording an increase of 28.1%, to 1,043 million euros.

Additionally, FedHATTA, as part of its efforts to stimulate outbound tourism, is in talks with the US Embassy in Athens to promote the US as a holiday destination for Greek travelers.

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