Endy Zemenides Responds to TNH’s Editorial on Greek Candidates

Endy Zemenides, Executive Director of the Hellenic American Leadership Council. (Photo: Twitter/@Zemenides)

NEW YORK – The issue of supporting Greek-American candidates was recently the cause of controversy in Chicago and the subject of an editorial in The National Herald. Endy Zemenides, Executive Director of the Hellenic American Leadership Council, sent in a response to the editorial.

The complete text follows:

This week, The National Herald’s Publisher-Editor Antonis H. Diamataris, published a piece entitled “Should We or Should We Not Have Supported Vallas?” that raised important questions about how we should approach supporting political candidates.

Mr. Diamataris lays out three factors to consider.

  1. Has the candidate taken part in Greek-American community activities and priorities? Has he/she shown at least some level of interest in the community and his/her Greek heritage?

Diamataris argued that if the answer is “yes” to the above, Greek-Americans should stand with the candidate and support him/her with whatever means we can.

On the surface, it would be hard to argue with such a standard, but should there be a threshold for level of involvement? If not, how do you choose when there are multiple Greek-American candidates in the same race? Last year there were two Greek-Americans in the Democratic primary in Texas’ 7th Congressional District.  In Illinois we have twice had primary elections in which Greek-Americans faced off against each other.

How would this standard operate if a New Jersey Greek-American community decided to challenge Senator Robert Menendez, the greatest philhellene in the history of the United States Senate? What if Rhode Island State Senator Lou Raptakis decided to go up against Congressman David Cicilline – a member of House Leadership and of the House Foreign Affairs Committee who authored the “End the Cyprus Arms Embargo Act” and has a Greek-American chief of staff? What if Chrys Kefalas won the 2016 Republican primary and advanced to a matchup with then Congressman Chris Van Hollen, who had a long history of working with our community and leading on our issues and is also married to a Greek-American?

In these three cases, I would argue that we should stand steadfastly with Menendez, Cicilline and Van Hollen. Even if the candidates agreed in theory with the positions that these incumbents have, we would be choosing between a record of action (and of being in a position to make a difference) versus a set of promises.

To what end do we seek to be politically organized and active? Do we have a common agenda? If not, is it logical to ask a Greek-American to set aside their partisan leanings and policy preferences?

We do indeed have a common political agenda. It starts with promoting a strong Greece-US bilateral relationship. Our agenda includes the promotion of values – democracy, human rights, religious freedom, alliances – that not only protect the interests of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, Greece and Cyprus, but advance American interests as well. Finally, the Greek community has a stake in issues that are not exclusively Greek and as a Congressional staffer once told a gathering of Greek-American activists: “In politics, if you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu.”

Therefore, our overriding concern should not be a candidate’s ethnicity, but their track record/commitment to our issues-based agenda, and whether they have worked to secure a “place at the table” for our community.

  1. If the candidate hasn’t been part of community life and indifferent to his/her Greek background, but now is interested to rediscover their Greekness and learn our issues and how they can advance them, even if this “change” is brought about because they need our support at the moment, it is in our interest to give them a chance.

This is a fair point.  Not every Greek-American candidate can have the background of a Gus Bilirakis, an Eleni Kounalakis, a John Sarbanes.  Former Congressman Zack Space, for example, although active in his local Greek-American community, was not as tied into the national community nor active on the issues-based agenda.  But he expressed sincere interest in the issues, communicated consistently with those who knew them best (and not just donors), and became one of the great champions of Hellenic issues during his four years in Congress.  Space’s sincerity is even more impressive in that he has stayed active on Hellenic issues for the 8 years since leaving Congress.

Given the multiple generations of Greek-Americans and the disparate level of development and organization among our communities nationwide, it would be unfair to deny a Greek-American a chance to “rediscover” their roots or connect with the community in a way they hadn’t had the chance to.

Still, we have to establish a measure as to whether a political candidate’s gesture is sincere or expedient. Someone from community strongholds like New York or Chicago will have had multiple opportunities to participate in the community or contribute to Greek-American causes and should have a good answer for not doing so.  Once they establish such a reason, can they make us confident in their commitment to the community via political alliances or by appointing someone well-know and well-regarded in the community as an advisor?

  1. If the candidate is hostile to the Greek-American community and to his/her Greek heritage, we owe them nothing.

No further comment.

I believe a fourth consideration should be factored in: does a candidate have a legitimate path to victory? The community’s resources are not limitless. Hopefully we can “bake a bigger pie” and convince a greater number of people to contribute. But as we stand, we have to make choices.

I recall a candidate who called for my support and when asked if there is any polling in the race, he answered “I don’t believe in polling.” Polling isn’t the be-all/end-all, but it is a clear indicator that a candidate is doing their homework. A proper poll shows whether a candidate’s message resonates, whether after being fully informed about a candidate’s qualifications, profile and priorities a likely voter is drawn to that candidate. There are “down ticket” races where there really isn’t any polling, but if a statewide, congressional or citywide candidate never produces a poll, it probably means that they don’t have a discernable path to victory.

Absent polling candidate may have the endorsements of influential politicians, or the backing of organized labor or of a super PAC. They may have caught fire on social media and be attracting their strength from small dollar donors and grass roots volunteers. But such support is measurable. Just like an investment, one can make an educated bet on a candidate.

These factors should weigh heavily on our minds as candidates for office in 2020 start approaching us.  If we want to analyze whether greater community mobilization could have made a difference, we should analyze important races where we came up just short.

When Zack Space ran for Ohio State Auditor in 2018, he shared his path to victory early and consistently. He released polls showing that he was either slightly ahead or slightly behind. He produced major endorsements and had publicly recognized supporters – like former Attorney General Eric Holder or Senator Sherrod Brown – speak to the community on his behalf.

Nine years ago, we barely missed putting Greek-American Alexi Giannoulias in the US Senate (a narrow 1.6% defeat). The son of Greek-American immigrants who had been very active in the community, Giannoulias had been active on our issues as Illinois State Treasurer, had a clear understanding of Hellenic national issues, had supported other Greek-American candidates, and had Greek-American advisors. Given our common agenda, imagine the difference if we had an active and committed Greek-American as a US Senator teaming with Senators Menendez and Van Hollen, and adding to the Greek-American presence of Representatives Bilirakis, Sarbanes, Titus, Christ, and Pappas. The community was not going to deliver either Giannoulias or Space on their own, but the evaluation of our efforts and priorities should begin focus on these narrow defeats and significant opportunities lost rather than blowouts losses.

The development of standards on how we back candidates is a long overdue. There must be a higher standard of proof of commitment than “my parents or grandparents were Greek.” In trying to establish a power base to protect the interests of Greece, Cyprus and our North American Hellenic communities, we must all acknowledge there are forces and interests working daily to harm the safety and security of both Greece and Cyprus. Past practices that allowed ill-conceived endorsements and alliances and the wasting of vast sums of money must end, too much is now at stake. Our community’s ability to have any type of organized political presence may well depend on the outcome of this discussion.


  1. Most Greek American politicians are liberal but most Greek Americans are conservative, indeed victims of communism. Liberals build taverns and brothels but conservatives build churches and families. The twain shall not meet.

  2. Dear Mr. Zemenides, thank you for memorializing a simple, yet substantive methodology our community should employ when deciding who to support. In Chicago the Greek American community has been viewed as an “easy mark”. Downtown restaurant owners “scoured the landscape” of their fellow Greeks to collect money, only to get one of their kids a government related job! They never once considered the great good of our community. Other ethnic groups often view us as “fools with money”. Sadly, they were not wrong. What has died in our community are genuine “thought leaders”. Your thoughtful article indicates that perhaps we still have some hope, so thank you!

  3. Endy Zemenides is the Executive Director (HALC). In his capacity as Executive Director, Endy oversees advocacy and public education initiatives on issues concerning” U.S. interests” in Southeast Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean.

    That is how he is described by one of his Globalist Secret Societies ,but it is clear that he also represents the interests of Greek Secret societies of Ahepa Masons, Jewish Zionist,, indicted corrupt political prostitutes, and white supremacist Aristocrats, and clearly, not Greek interests!

    Only white supremacist “Made in America”. Greeks….consider us..inferior and stupid to make a case for who we should vote for.. to promote Hellenic interests and values, by disgracefully, serving up Senator Robert Menendez.of New Jersey.,as his choice as the .”THE GREATEST PHILHELLENE IN THE HISTORY OF THE U.S SENATE”

    Menendez…has been indicted for 18 counts of fraud, bribery, and taking lavish gifts and trips and included being provided with underage prostitutes for his pleasure in the Dominican Republic from a Jewish doctor in Florida to represent Israels interests , and to obstruct the case against the good doctor for Medicare fraud which has now landed the good doctor in Federal Prison!

    Be proud Endy…he is the only siting senator in history ..to be indicted by his own democratic party and found guilty of those charges by the Senate and censored, but avoided 50 years of prison by a hung jury and mistrial!

    1. This great Philhellene, who has done nothing for Greeks,but get TNH and Endy to endorse him to get Greek votes in New Jersey and Legitimize PUBLIC CORRUPTION to run for office!

      Menendez, receives over a million dollars from the Jewish Pro Israel lobbies in 2017, who provided him with over 2 and 1/’2 million dollars for his legal defense!.. His compensation to serve the interest of Israel , not Greeks, .make him the highest payed political prostitute in the entire Congress.!

      Endy…let see how you,, Menendez and TNH… serve the interests of Israel, not American Greeks, Greece or your false agenda to promote Helenic values…

      Menendez, as chairman of foreign Relations committee raped the treasury of the U.S …to

      Approve the appropriation of 5 billion dollars of U.S taxpayer money every year to Israel to fund their military arsenals to defend and threaten their neighbors …and commit war crimes in Syria and the Gaza strip!

      Menendez approved the appropriation of 1 billion dollars to the C.I.A to covertly arm ,train, and recruit terrorist rebels to overthrow the governmet of Syria…which is an enemy of Israel! Donald Trump closed this operation ..started by Hillary Clinton!

      .Menendez is only one of four democrats who have voted against the Iran nuclear disarmament treaty., and was a leading supporter of Trump to despicably tear up that international agreement, and comply with Israel demands.

      Endy…just another Israeli lobbyist!

  4. Michael, everything you touch, everything you opine upon you soil! Have you no decency? Real Michael, you maliciously conclude by accusing Mr. Zemenides of being “just another Israeli lobbyist.” Mr. Gianakos have you no shame?

  5. Your right Basil ..you cannot help but soil your hands, when you have dirty little secrets of Endy and TNh.

    Basil and your Ahepan Mason frauds.only honor yourselves as the self appointed caretakers of my Great Grandparents legacy of integrity, honor, truth and devotion to the legacy of Hellenic traditions and culture!

    Shame on you Basil for defending a secret society member who states he represent” U.S interests” in the Mediterranean, not Greek interests!

    Basil you defend the Aristocrat Zeminides to disgracefully promote to Greeks, the likes of Ahepan Robert Menendez as the face of Hellenic interests in our government, who is the number 1 congressional financial prostitute outside of Hillary Clinton in history!

    Menendes has been prosecuted for being just that for pledging allegiance to the apartheid state of Israel for about $1,000,000 and their leader Netanyahue ..who just got indicted for bribery!

    What do you call, a member of the Greek community who demands that Greeks vote for a corrupt Public official like Menendez, and payed agent of Israel over even a Greek American running for office, despite the fact that the Greek votes would only be supporting the election of another corrupt politician who has taken an oath of allegiance to the interests of the Jewish state of Israel.and will only benefit the supporter of Israel? That person is called a traitor to Greeks…and Israeli lobbyist!

    He is called an Israeli lobbyist, and traitor

  6. Michael, the one who is damaging the Greek community, is you. You are in great need of therapy. You publish half truths and lies and pretend you are the arbitrator of everything that is Hellenic. Endy on the other hand makes promoting Hellenism and the security of Greece and Cyprus his 24 hours a day, seven days a week job. You are nothing more than an irrational blogger who attacks everyone he doesn’t agree with. Perhaps you can take your Russian base conspiracies and post them elsewhere. By the way, Senator Mendez was not found guilty. So cast you’re worthless and baseless aspersions on other people. He’s done more to help the Greek community than you or anyone in your family! As for the AHEPA that you keep disparaging, since they started as an organization in the 1920’s they have donated more than $1 billion to charitable causes. What have you done?

  7. Basil, shamefully , like a Greek supremacist Aristocrat of the Ahepa and Mason Secret societies, you consider, the truth supported by pertinent factst.as indecent and damaging to the Greek Community!

    Former President John F.Kennedy testifies in a speech what you, Menendez , TNH, and Endy practice and why you hate me and all those who expose your dirty secrets…

    “The very word “secrecy” is repugnant, and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it.

    What I have done? is not the issue, it is about the integrity of my word and name that you question!

    Basil..your posts of indignation.and lies without any facts, relies on the readers to trust your word to discredit my arguments to expose an Aristocratic network of corruption manifested in TNH, Menendez, and Greek Secret societies!. ..

    As a member and president of an Ahepa chapters raised the funds for donations of the Ahepa, and the only Chapter President in America to draft and have approved by his chapter a petitions which demanded accountability of the U.S and Nato for the occupation and removal of NATO MEMBER TURKEY FROM CYPRUS!

    Additionally, initiated formal request to terminate any association with Menendez for unethical conduct and violation of the standards of…

  8. So Basil , hate make a fool of you ..but to asked for it!

    But I am not done with you and your lies that dispute my accusations that Menendez and Endy have done nothing for Greece and Greek interests, but much more for themselves and the Pro Israel lobby

    To this end …..Menendez has sponsored 155 international resolutions and bills over the last 10 years, and apparently, in your mind, qualifies him as he greatest supporter of Greeks in Greece and Cyrpus in History!

    S.RES.571: A resolution condemning the ongoing illegal occupation of Crimea by the Russian Federation.

    Yet Menendez, submit no resolution which condemns the ongoing illegal occupation of Norther Cyprus by Nato Turkey

    Importantly, Mr. Menendez drafts a resolution full of lies against Russia ..since, the ethnic Russians representing over 75 % of the population of Crimea voted on legal referendum to join Russia!

    S.2963: End the Cyprus Arms Embargo Act ..which was evoked on Cyprus in 1987, and ignored by End and Mendy for all these years, while Mendy has been approving the appropriation of 5 billion dollars a year to his Israeli benefactors! And to my knowledge has no cosponsors..and has gone nowhere!

    .RES.443: A resolution recognizing the 197th anniversary of the independence of Greece and celebrating democracy in Greece and the United States…which is what he does for just about every country, where he thinks he can get votes !.

    Is that it ..Basil…this is who you want us to…

  9. Michael you are just spewing poison. Here is what newspapers and thought leaders have to say on the issue:
    Greek News October 29th, 2018 said about Senator Bob Menendez:

    “He is the champion of our issues that we love dearly, whether is Cyprus, Greece, the Aegean, or the Ecumenical Patriarchate. He is the guy the Community cannot afford to lose in this election”.
    Tasos Zambas revealed what former Senator Paul Sarbanes had told him when he announced his retirement and the Greek Americans were concerned about who would be the leader in promoting our issues at the Capitol Hill.
    “He told us, make sure you elect Senator Bob Menendez”.

    Hellenic News of America October 15th, 2018:
    “Philip Christopher: Senator Bob Menendez is without question, the most valuable asset of the Greek American community”

    Ekathimerini.com July 11, 2018:

    “Democratic Senator Bob Menendez of New Jersey, widely seen as a staunch ally of Greece and Cyprus for over two decades, was reelected to a third term in US midterm elections Tuesday, defeating Republican Bob Hugin, an ex-pharmaceutical executive.”
    Michael who angered you this much? Was it some “secrete society”?

  10. Basil.. you are a gold mine for understanding how our country is drifting into the Abyss by Secret societies of wealthy Aristocrats!

    Basil, .while it is a tribute to you and all Greeks, that people like Menendez, Endy and TNH perceive it necessary to lie to the public to wage economic, political and military wars around the world, it is not a tribute to the public to so easily be fooled!

    Basil you have lost all sense of morality, ethics or Christian values to judge right or wrong based on real facts, because you have relegated those judgments, to those politicians and journalist who serve the personal interest of their network of Aristocrats!

    For example, you called me indecent, and harming the Greek community, because I provide irrefutable facts and evidence against Menendez, Endy, TNH and Greek Secret Societies, as why Greek Americans should not be legitimizing Public Corruption to run for office!

    Like Aristocratic supremacist, you falsely suggest to the readers , that only the Greek community is harmed by my pertinent facts, ..not your fraudulent secret society!

    Additionally, I provide the legislative records of what little Menendez and Endy have done for Greeks, but obviously for each other!.

    I asked you to refute my facts and again, you rely on hearsay from the fake news media

    “America’s media is unquestionably the most corrupt institution in America” by foreign press

    Basil ..you and your collaborators ..no longer fool us!

  11. Basil. I will be joined by Iraq war veteran and Congessman Democrat Tulsi Gabbard who will be the first women president of the United States who will stand up against corrupt politicians like Menendez, who are traitors to America who support Mason neo con..to wage war around the world!

    Greeks should vote for Tulsi and stand up to Basil and his Greek Secret societies who support everything Tulsi promises to stop, and I will add remove them from our churches and community…….

    And stand up and fight for the soul of our country.

    Stand up against bought and paid-for politicians, kowtowing to special interests and selling their votes to the highest bidder.

    Stand up against big Wall Street banks who gamble with our money and our future.
    Stand up against a President who bows to the wishes of the neocons around him, clamoring for regime change wars in Venezuela and Iran.

    Stand up against those who dishonor our troops, treating them as political pawns, and mercenaries-for-hire in wars around the world.

    Stand against powerful politicians from both parties who sit in ivory towers thinking up new wars to wage and new places for people to die. Wasting trillions of dollars, hundreds of thousands of lives, undermining our economy and security, and destroying our middle class. . These self-serving politicians are dragging us from one regime change war to the next, exacerbating the New Cold War, and pushing us to the brink of a nuclear war

    This is not who we are…

  12. Michael your Iraq war veteran and apparently favorite Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard was in Chicago recently. Guess who she met with……………………ENDY ZEMENIDES!!!! Then, at the same meeting in Greek Town in Chicago she met with thought leaders of our community. I can’t help thinking that she would not go through this exercise if she believed anything slanderous that has been said in these comments about Endy. I wonder if she knows or believes your baseless rants. This is who we are! Angry under informed people who say anything to malign our thought leaders.

  13. Silly Me!….all this time, I and the readers thought that Basil was responding to my Post to disgracefully defend corrupt Politicians and fraudulent proclaimed “THOUGHT LEADERS” of the Greek Community… Endy, the Greek Secret Society of Ahepa Masons, and promoter TNH!

    Instead, Basil confesses that he does not have the mental capacity or authorization to think for himself, and relinquishes all thoughts to ENDY, his” THOUGHT LEADER”, and “SUPREME COMMANDERS “ of the order of Ahepa Masons, and discloses a white supremacist Aristocracy of financial , legal and political hacks, whose only interests is to network and promote their personal career resumes, financial and legal businesses by serving the interests of corrupt political hacks like Menendez and creating an illusion of exceptionalism to represent the Greek community thru Photo OPS and TNH Testimonials!

    Basil’s mind control, is no different than the followers of “ THOUGHT LEADER” Jimmy Jones of the Secret Cult of the People’s Temple and Church of Jonestown , Gyana, who had a “Thought” for his followers of 450 men , women , and children to drink Kool Aid with Cyanide .and commit mass suicide,which they did, after meeting with a U.S congressman!

    So we now know it is Endy posting these thoughts, and doing what he and his frauds do best …taking Photo OPS with Tulsi to advance his personal prestige and career in the Greek community and democratic party!
    Not for Greek Americans

  14. Michael please keep posting; because aside from providing evidence of your diminished mental state, your reading comprehension issues are highlighted. Your inability to understand is glaring. Your mis-stating what people write, jumping to irrational thoughts and conclusions is evidenced in your incomprehensible writings.

  15. Endy Zemenides ( Alias Basil)…Despite calling me indecent, poisonous, malicious, harmful, mentally retarded, a liar, Irrational, they irrationally beg me to continue to write posts to the readers, (if any) !

    Endy., you then expects GREEKS to trust what BASIL says who reads from the Gospel of an Aristocratic Supremacist Secret Society provided by what he calls.his “THOUGHT LEADERS” who serve “SUPREME COMMANDERS” WHO DRAPE THEMSELVES WITH AN OCTAGONAL MASON FLAG!

    These are the frauds of Hellenic values and Greek interests .who collaborate with TNH to promote themselves, and the legitimacy of Public Corruption to hold office in America by endorsing Ahepan Robert Menendez, a.convicted felon by Tulsi Gabbard and the U.S Congress!

    TNH support this, by featuring Menendez in Full tabloid page interviews to spread his lies to the Greek Community, but providing no opportunity for the Republican challenger to Menendez running for office!

    Menendez, Endy and Basil embody why they hate me, JFK, and now Tulsi Gabbard who stand up against them…

    “AS a people,we are inherently and historically opposed to secret societies,we decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it.

    ” Stand up against bought and paid-for politicians, kowtowing to special interests and selling their votes to the highest bidder”.

    Remove these frauds from our churches and boards!

    1. Michael you literally get everything wrong! For example:

      1. I am not Endy. I am an individual with a Doctorate degree who is astounded by your false statements and wildly inaccurate conclusions. Your misrepresentations and conspiracy theories are only meant to mislead and misinform.
      2. Your champion Tulsi Gabbard came to Chicago and met with Endy and HALC. So when you say things like ….”Menendez, Endy and Basil embody why they hate me, JFK, and now Tulsi Gabbard who stand up against them…” those types of statements are patently false.
      3. Then you make statements like “Endy., you then expects GREEKS to trust what BASIL says who reads from the Gospel of an Aristocratic Supremacist Secret Society provided by what he calls.his “THOUGHT LEADERS” who serve “SUPREME COMMANDERS” WHO DRAPE THEMSELVES WITH AN OCTAGONAL MASON FLAG!” Here is my question to you….exactly how disturbed are you?
      4. While I have met Endy and heard him lecture at a Hellenic Links event in Chicago, I can tell you that smearing him only makes you look and sound like a person in deep need of psychological therapy.
      5. The only secrete societies you should be concerned about are the fictitious ones that live in your head!

      Please get some help!

  16. Basil, LACKING any facts, you resort to your superior education, as why we all should trust you, in maligning me and my facts!

    So, please stop; responding to my posts ..unless you can refute the facts that I have presented ..that you call false…
    Senator Robert Menendez is a corrupt politician who receives up to 1 million dollars to represent the interests of Jewish pro Israeli lobbies…and has been indicted and found Guilty of Bribery and receiving lavish gifts unreported from a Jewish Doctor to represent Israeli interests, not American , and to intervene to cover up Medicare fraud of millions of dollars by his best friend and financial benefactor by Tulsi Gabbard and the entire congress! This Ahepan honoree was endorsed by Endy, and TNH!

    As a former Ahepan President, I witnessed the unethical practices of a Secret Society, that has its own Agenda of Masons who promote the interests of white supremacist Aristocrats in our government and themselves, not Greek Hellenism and Culture!

    Robert Menendez, Endy, and their Secret Societies have done nothing for Greece or Cyprus, but themselves thru photo ops and support of traitors in our congress to run for office! All this a matter of Public record

    Finally, Endy and Secret cults fraudulently represent themselves as self proclaimed spokesmen and representatives of Greeks.to Tulsi Gabbard, when they are not!

    Basil, calling you a lunatic with a degree is much to kind…when you are much more …evil!

  17. Michael you are shameless! Even the simplest of information you post is wrong and untruthful. For example you state: “Senator Robert Menendez is a corrupt politician who receives up to 1 million dollars to represent the interests of Jewish pro Israeli lobbies…and has been indicted and found Guilty of Bribery and receiving lavish gifts unreported from a Jewish Doctor to represent Israeli interests…”

    Senator Menendez trial resulted in a “hung jury,” with the jurors being divided 10 to acquit him of all criminal allegations and 2 for a finding of guilty. You clearly state he has been “found guilty of Bribery”, no he hasn’t. You are 100% wrong. The government then dismissed the charges against him as they often do in these situations. Let me give you a legal lesson for free. Writing a false statement claiming that someone committed a crime when false, is “Libel Per Se”. But you and your paranoid writings have no respect for the truth!

  18. Basil..instead of providing the Readers with evidence to refute my false statements , you provide evidence to support the truth and transparency of my writings!

    So Basil, you refute slanderous rants against me. while demonstrating that the only doctorate you have, is from the Supreme President of the Wizard of OZ, better known, as The Greek Secret Society of the Ahepa Masons and TNH

    Basil ..the following is an excerpt from my first post in this article, which refutes your allegation that I conceal the truth to the readers, …….

    “Menendez has been indicted for 18 counts of fraud, bribery, and taking lavish gifts and trips and included being provided with underage prostitutes for his pleasure in the Dominican Republic from a Jewish doctor in Florida to represent Israels interests , and to obstruct the case against the good doctor for Medicare fraud which has now landed the good doctor in Federal Prison!

    He is the only siting senator in history to be indicted by his own democratic party and found guilty of those charges by the Senate and censored, but avoided 50 years of prison by a HUNG JURY AND MISTRIAL!”

    Basil, the irrefutable evidence of the FBI and the conviction in the Senate and required Menendez to return millions to us funded by his Jewish benefactors, only makes you and Endy supporters of public corruption and Treason…when you support a Senator..who is payed to represent the interests of Israel..not America !

    Keep your dirty secrets!

  19. Michael, once again you attempt to alter the truth. The Senator was not convicted or found guilty by the Senate. The Senate had no such trial. “The Senate Ethics Committee issued a blistering letter Thursday admonishing Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez of New Jersey for accepting gifts without proper approval from a wealthy ophthalmologist and returning in kind with political favors.” That is all that happen. Your imagination has run wild once again. You’ve tried to create your own reality. You muddy up everything to suit your own purposes. You truly need help. I will not sit here and let you print lies and defame people any longer. There was no trial, there was no evidence of anyone providing prostitutes. This US senator has done more to help the Greek-American community, Greece and Cyprus then any senator of recent memory. You are shameless!!!!!

  20. Basil, enough of your rant of indignations to distort the Truth provided to the readers …. ….

    1.That Endy Zemenidis, Ahepa Masons and TNH fraudulently promote themselves as the legitimate representatives of Hellenic values and culture , and me and the Greek community!

    2.The evidence shows that Basil, Endy, Menendez, TNH and proclaimed “Thought leaders and Supreme rulers of the Ahepa Masons” are simply a networking scam of Aristocrats promoting each other and corrupt politicians to advance their personal interests and importance, not Greek interests or Values.

    3.To this end, by endorsing the election of Menendez to the Greek Community, Endy and TNH, have used their positions, to deceive the Greek Community to vote for corrupt politicians , whose congressional” legislative record” reveals he’s done nothing for Greece or Cyprus, but plenty for Israel and the Jewish lobbies!

    In voting for Menendez the Greek community was supporting the number 1 funded congressman in America to the tune of almost 1 million dollars by Jewish lobbies to exclusively represent the interests of the State of Israel , not America or Greece!

    4.While Basil and his associates do not represent Greek interests, they disgracefully trash all Greek Hellenic Values and Ethics to promote Ahepan Menendez …who was found guilty of violating all ethics and statutes of the U.S Congress, and legitimize Public Corruption as follows in the next post….

    1. Menendez , just 1 of 7 senators to be censored in U.S history!

      The Senate Ethics Committee censored Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez of New Jersey for accepting gifts without proper approval from a wealthy ophthalmologist and returning in kind with political favors.” which included among many other interventions…..

      “Notably, you have not disputed the fact that you accepted numerous gifts from Dr. Melgen and took official actions related to his interests,” the committee said. “Your decision to accept and your failure to disclose numerous gifts while simultaneously using your Senate office in furtherance of Dr. Melgen’s interest created, at a minimum,…IMPROPRIETY OR GUILT “

      ‘While a trial jury must find evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that someone committed a crime, the ethics committee faced a lower standard of “clear and convincing evidence.”

      Menendez intervened in attempting to stifle an FBI investigation into Medicare fraud of over 8 million dollars by his” best friend” and benefactor .Dr. Mengel, who would later be convicted for the theft of 8 million dollars and now sentenced to 17 years in a Federal Prison! .


      THE..“Clear and Present Evidence” as stated by the Senate Ethics committee allows the READERS AND THE GREEK COMMUNITY to decide whether the actions of TNH , Basil , Endy, and Ahepan Menendez represent Public corruption with their best friend being Dr. Melgen!

  21. Michael, somebody would have to spend the entire day fact checking every inaccuracy you post. You’re even wrong about the number of senators that have been censured from the beginning of our nation. The actual number is nine not seven. And of course, you’re even wrong about Senator Menendez. He was not censured. Please check your facts. Please stop going to websites like the “Daily Caller” and other garbage websites for your facts, these right wing website you use are completely partisan garbage. Issuing a letter of remand is not a censure! Please stop polluting this comment section with your Russian, Anti-Greece and Anti-Semitic comments. By the way the last United States senator to be censured was in 1990, a senator from Minnesota, get your facts straight.

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