Cyprus Casino Dealer Held over Suspicions of Fraud

FILE - People use the temporary casino during the groundbreaking ceremony for the new casino resort, in Zakaki, near southern city of Limassol on Friday, June 8, 2018. (AP Photo/Petros Karadjias)

NICOSIA (AP) — A Cyprus court has ordered the four-day detention of a casino dealer over suspicions he rigged the roulette table so that a single player could win 5,800 euros ($6,500).

The Cyprus News Agency reported Friday that the 44-year-old dealer faces charges including fraud.

The court heard that security cameras caught the dealer “acting suspiciously” with the aim of helping a 53 year-old Cypriot man accumulate the sum over 18 separate occasions spanning a month.

Cyprus Casinos C2 told The Associated Press that it “won’t tolerate such behavior” in its establishments and that it used its “extensive experience and the latest equipment” to deal with the problem.

The company’s integrated casino resort in the seaside town of Limassol — touted as Europe’s biggest — is slated to start operating in 2021.