US Ambassador Pyatt Says Russia Undermining Patriarch

US Ambassador to Greece Geoffrey Pyatt.(Photo by Eurokinissi/Giannis Panagopoulos)

ATHENS – The United States Ambassador to Greece Geoffrey Pyatt said there is evidence of Russian efforts to undermine Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew but didn’t say what it was nor why it was being done.

Speaking to Antenna TV on the sidelines of an event on disinformation, Pyatt said, “We’ve seen evidence of this kind of manipulation of information in Greece. We’ve seen Russian efforts in the Church, the efforts to undermine the role of the Ecumenical Patriarch.”

But he said he hadn’t seen any proof that Russia, with a United States Special Prosecutor investigating alleged tampering with the 2016 President elections through hacking and other measures, was trying to to meddle in Greece’s parliamentary elections on May 26.

The event was organized by the Atlantic Council, together with the US Embassy to Greece and Greek think tank diaNEOsis. He said that the aim of the event was to raise awareness so that Greek institutions and the media “can be alert and able to respond.”

Last year, the ruling Radical Left SYRIZA booted two Russian diplomats it accused of trying to undermine a deal the government made to rename The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia as North Macedonia.

The agreement was pushed through with the aid of United Nations envoy Matthew Nimetz, an American lawyer who had failed for two decades to end what turned into a near 28-year name dispute with speculation the US squeezed Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to get North Macedonia into NATO as a bulwark against Russian interests in the Balkans.


  1. Deinitely! He should start by prosecuting Princeton: “Princeton University denies the Patriarchate’s allegations that it has unlawful possession of stolen Byzantine manuscripts”

  2. This man is not orthodox and it is none
    Of his business to intervene in the
    Ecclesiology of orthodoxy. The orthodox
    Church has no pope but is conciliar.

    Bartholomew having created chaos in
    Ukraine has just created a schism on
    Mount athos where monks are taking
    Sides along ethnic lines. Patriarch
    Bartholomew is destroying the
    Patriarchate of Constantinople and
    Will be remembered as one of the most
    Destructive of patriarchs.


  3. Indeed, this is why Demetrius
    must be removed and flogged!
    Why else did he flee the glorious Junta.
    Greek Priests, Soviet Agents:
    May 27, 2008 Manhattan, Boston, Atlanta
    Chief Priests report to Moscow

  4. Just as Francesco Moraglia is the Patriarch of Venice, Bart Arcantony can be the Eastern Rite Patriarch of Thessalonia. He is righteously fighting back all those illegitimate autocephalies emulating the Lutherans while magog mongol goons of Muscovy proclaimed their illiegitimate “Third Rome”.

  5. TNh and the Ahepa Masons…for the glory of America …continue to feature Pyatt , the coordinators of the coup of the Ukrainian government featured on You tube…to continue a criminal foreign policy of regime changes of the independent countries of the making the enemies of degenerates like Pyatt in our government…like Russia and any country not under his control!

    Pyatt, John Bolton , Mike Pompeio, Robert Menendez, Eliot Abrams Hillary Clinton, John McCain, George Bush Jr. and Senior, Barack Obama, Donald Trump , Robert Mueller, etc etc…have something in lying to the American people ,in breaking both domestic and international laws to remove the elected leaders of the Middle East and Europe!

    They are all responsible for supporting .. Terrorist rebels organization Al Queda and other Sunni Muslim deciples of Saudi Arabia, who have murdered thousands of Orthodox Christian thru out the Middle East !

    Florida Marco Rubio ..tweets the leader of Venezuela and the world …a photo of the murdered body of the leader of libya…and suggest this is what can happen to Mr. Maduro if he remains in Venezuela.

    Elliot Abrams and Menendez, . both convicted Felons and war criminal by Congress for their corruption and part in the Iran/ Contra . scandal where arms were shipped to terrorist rebels in Nicaragua, but without shame, the envoy leaders to destroy Venezuela.

    TNH promotes these degenerates ..leading to our destruction! .

  6. Hey Pyatt…today the elected and legitimate leader of Venezuela…Nicholas Maduro…has accused the US government of sabotaging the electrical grid of Venezuela and creating massive blackouts in Venezuela!

    He accusses Mr. Pyatts ..fascist hoods…John Bolton, Mike Pompeio, and Elliot Abrams of coordinating the hacking of Venezuela ..and part the US war which included economic warfare ……which is considered to be crime against Humanity, since , the people of Venezuela will suffer and possibly die from the lack of medical supplies and other essentials created by the U.S government!

    Therefore …TNH…should you not have reported the undermining of the country of Venezuela by Mr. Pyatts associates?

    TNH again, has been reduced to a PR front for the State Department to impose their new campaingn of
    misinformation and fake news disparage their enemies …not those of Americans, Greek Americans and most of the know world!

    like the Russian collusion charges… which do not exist …they are dutifully presented to the public by TNH and their collaborators of the Aristocracy that now owns the U.S government and media….to mislead the believing that Russia is a bad actor, and continue their hate crime narratives!

    Neither TNH and Pyatt…provide evidence of Russia undermining the Patriarch. but distorts any efforts by the Russian Orthodox to appeal the decisions of the corrupt divide our church on behalf of Mr. Pyatt!

    He is…

  7. Poor Jeffrey Pyatt
    shouts all over town
    the sky is now falling
    everybody get down.
    But the poor herald staff
    asks if the sky is falling
    why don’t you hold it up.
    I would gladly do it
    but which end is up?

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