Thessaloniki will Benefit Most from Prespes Agreement, US envoy Pyatt Says

(Photo by Eurokinissi/Giannis Panagopoulos)

THESSALONIKI – US Ambassador to Greece Geoffrey Pyatt on Tuesday expressed his certainty that the city of Thessaloniki will benefit the most from the Prespes Agreement, in statements on Tuesday during his visit to the city’s port.

“I remain convinced that the greatest beneficiaries of the Prespes Agreement are going to be right here in northern Greece, as Thessaloniki is restored to its historic role as the capital of the Balkans, the gateway for the Western Balkans to global markets and the Thessaloniki port is obviously a key part of that,” the US envoy said. “We are interested in the success and the vitality of the Port of Thessaloniki because that connects to our interest in the success and the vitality of northern Greece, the regions of Macedonia and Thrace,” the ambassador noted.

Pyatt, who visited the port to observe the preparations for the departure of the 4th US Combat Aviation Brigade that has been participating in military exercises with Greek military forces, said: “I was incredibly encouraged to hear from the major and from the soldiers their very positive evaluation of their experience here in Greece.

Both their great respect for their counterparts from the Hellenic Army but also the fantastic opportunities that they enjoyed here to exercise, to take advantage of the unique geography that Greece enjoys… I am very impressed to see what a complicated logistical undertaking it is to bring an army unit like this one here to Greece.”

Concluding Pyatt also quoted Central Macedonia governor Apostolos Tzitzikostas, who accompanied him, that the “partnership between our armed forces, our work together in NATO is a reaffirmation of Greece’s commitment to our alliance but also America’s commitment to Greece. “We are …extremely focused on northern Greece, building on the momentum we enjoy from our presence at the Thessaloniki International Fair but also helping to reaffirm the opportunities here,” he said.


  1. Narrating garbage by a NATO “ally” that betrayed Greeks to Skopians and deluded Greek leftists that once again betrayed Greece by agreeing to call Skopians “Macedonians”.. This is similar to what Greek leftist did during the Greek civil war… when they were literally killing Greeks for mass murderers Stalin and Skopians..

    Reality check. Despite the Prespra agreement the MAJORITY of Skopians continue to promote ancient Macedonian fantasies and promote irredentism. They have no incentive to stop because their foreign apologists look the other way to hide their mistake of calling the obvious frauds “Macedonians”.

    Unfortunately many Greeks, especially on the left but not exclusively so, are COWARDS. Rather than condemn the foreign nationalists that support Skopians for looking the other way as they tried to narrate themselves into ancient Macedonians and promoted irredentism… the COWARDS say nothing.

    Thus VMRO has no incentive to stop.

    Greek leftists have gone off the deep end of left wing extremism by shamelessly supporting the extreme of a Marxist PM.(aka antihellenic). None of the foreign nationalists that praise Tzipras and slander the Greeks that oppose him as “nationalists” would vote for such an extreme in their own country. . (including Pyatt). The “Greeks’ that support Tzipras are morons.

  2. “Thessaloniki will Benefit Most from Prespes Agreement, US envoy Pyatt Says”
    I guess if he says so, it must be true.

    1. Where is this Thessaloniki you speak of? You mean ‘Salon’ right?

      I can’t wait until the US helps unit North Macedonia with West, Central & East Macedonia and we can finally close this issue once and for all.

  3. TNH and ANA….with Geoffrey Pyatt tell the people of Greece…it is a “Wonderful life” under U.S and Nato rule!

    Listen to one of the ideological depraved Anglo White Supremacist members of the U.S. government waging war on the world …right now…to take over the sovereignty of the independent countries of the world!

    US envoy said. “We are interested in the success and the vitality of the Port of Thessaloniki because that connects to our interest in the success and the vitality of northern Greece, the regions of Macedonia and Thrace,” the ambassador noted.

    This guy insults all tell us we are inferior peasants,unable to appreciate their sacrifices to ..serves the greater good for the “Glory to America ” interests.

    Pyatt… like the landlord and owner of a housing complex…. tell his Greek tenants what they should do to maintain the property of America !

    Pyatt…also thought it was good to coordinate and orchestrate a coup of the elected leader of the Ukraine with Victoria Nuland featured on You tube ..and then to select their leaders!!

    Pyatt. thinks it is good, that the Orthodox Church in the Ukraine is divided from the Russian Church!

    He thinks it is good, if Greece join him .in removing the elected leader of Venezuela!

    Finally, it would be great for Greece…to arm Turkey with the most advanced lethal weapon in the world ..and leaving Greece with refurbished 1970’s planes!

    TNH, ANA, and Patiick Theros…shame…

    1. Two things:
      1. I am not sure if the assigned title of ‘envoy’ is deliberate or inadvertent .
      2. By the time they refurbish the 1970’s planes they’ll be museum pieces.

    2. Exactly, Mr. FDR:
      Keep searching North, South, East and West for your elusive identity.
      You should also thank Cyril and Methodius that you can communicate.

  4. Eleos , I think we can help Mr. FDR …find Never land!

    FDR..just hand over a check of about 10,000,000.dollars to U.S ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt, Senator Robert Menendez and Ahepa Mason, Marco Rubio, or Elliot Abrams…all indicted or indictable felons and prostitutes who specialize in dismembering and partitioning countries…or for your personal preference creating phony countries called FYROM!

    I am sure these U.S patriots will be more than happy to unite all the unaccounted former Macedonian citizens of Yugoslavia, with the rest of the Alien population in Area 51 also referred to as Dreamland and Paradise Ranch and will be renamed “The Former Roswell Republic of Macedonia!

    And to make you feel at home …the former Prime Minister of FYROM ..who was removed by Mr. PYatt and his associates and replaced by the current prime minister of North Macedonia… will be your selected President and leader in the “Former Roswell Republic of Macedonia”

    Mr. FDR…within about 3 years ..their will be only one country using the Macedonian name …yours!

    By that time …there will be no North Macedonia..just part of Albania and Bulgaria!

    Just think Mr. FDR…you will even have a U.S and Nato base in your country!

    1. Michael,
      I have a task for Mr. FDR:
      1. Look up the origin and meaning of the word “Thessaloniki” hint: Thessaly + Nike
      2. Study these three imperial phrases: Dīvide et imperā, Quid pro quo, Vae victis
      3. Don’t say “I can’t wait until the US helps unit(e) ” instead be very weary as to
      what the US will exact from you.

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