German Minister: Cyprus Valued Partner in EU Defense Project

Cypriot Defense Minister Savvas Angelides. (AP Photo)

NICOSIA (AP) — Germany’s defense minister says her country is looking to boost defense cooperation with Cyprus, which she called a valuable partner in the European Union’s defense strategy due to its location and military facilities.

Minister Ursula von der Leyen said Tuesday after talks with her Cypriot counterpart Savvas Angelides that Germany will intensify cooperation with Cyprus on logistics and military mobility within the EU’s joint military investment and project development program.

Leyen said Cyprus has a “unique selling point” in both its defense capabilities as well as its “unique geostrategic location.”

She said Germany and all other EU member states see adherence to the rule of law as essential to regional peace and stability.

Cypriot officials say Turkey aims to raise tensions over Cyprus’ gas search, which Ankara strongly opposes.

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  1. Isn’t this the same way Nato was created for the mutual defense of its members against invaders of their countries…and then somehow the U.S . and England…changed their mission to attacking foreign countries of the world, who never threatened or attacked them!

    This is hilarious…the Cypriot government is rapidly turning Cyprus into an International military base for any Tyrant or war monger to launch legal and illegal wars on their enemies…not those of Cyprus!

    So Germany ..would be joining the British , French, Turkey,..all members of Nato …to wage war from a non Nato country called Cyprus!

    Are the people of Cyprus ..still wondering why their government cannot get Turkey out of Cyprus!

    Why would Edrogan leave Cyprus to the British, Germans, French or U.S!

    In fact…. are the people of Cyprus still alive and breathing…or over 40 years have they been displaced by Turks, Germans, British, U.S and French subjects!

    It there are actual Greek Cypriots is time to get rid of all these bases …or simply…vote to join the ethnic population of Russians in Crimea did to join Russia…understanding that the installed Neo Nazis leaders of the Ukraine..represented real threats to their way of life!

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