US Says Russia Meddling in North Macedonia Name Deal with Greece

FILE - Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, left, and Russian President Vladimir Putin talk to each other during their meeting in the Kremlin in Moscow, Russia, Friday, Dec. 7, 2018. (Maxim Shemetov, Pool Photo via AP)

ATHENS – The deal the anti-nationalist ruling Radical Left SYRIZA made to rename its neighbor as North Macedonia is done, but US Deputy Assistant Secretary Matthew Palmer, visiting Greece’s capital, said Russia is still trying to find some way to undermine it.

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras made the agreement to give away the name of the ancient Greek province of Macedonia in changing the name of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and lift vetoes keeping the country out of NATO and opening European Union accession talks.

The deal was brokered with the help of United Nations envoy Matthew Nimetz, an American lawyer who had failed to find a solution for two decades and broke off talks for three years before resuming them early in 2018 with the US keen on getting what is now North Macedonia into NATO as a bulwark against Russian interests in the Balkans.

Palmer, without specifying exactly how since Russia indicated it would not use a veto in the UN Security Council to block the agreement that’s already happened, said there were Russian threats and propaganda aimed at keeping North Macedonia out of NATO.

Greece had ejected two Russian diplomats accused of trying to scuttle the deal but Tsipras, in a visit to Moscow, made up with President Vladimir Putin although the US is still wary about Russian motives.

Palmer told reporters in Athens that applying the new deal won’t be easy though as North Macedonia has already issued guidelines for reporters telling them to refer to citizens there as Macedonian and to a Macedonian language, culture, identity and nationality.

Asked by the business newspaper Naftemporiki about concerns raised by Greece’s major opposition New Democracy that North Macedonia would try to hijack the name of Macedonia outright, Palmer said both countries have to work it out.

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  1. How Pathetic..still pushing the Anti -Russia Propaganda narrative to make Palmer and his fascist associates from Washington their enemies …those of Greece and Europe!

    Palmer should be reminded …that even the leaders of FYROM ..and that is how , I refer to them….called out ..military defense stooge . “Mad Dog Mattis” for lying about Russian Meddling in Fyrom…and that FYROM have always had good relations with Moscow!

    Palmer, does not state…the while he accuses Russia in some sort of way of meddling and colluding in Greek Politics to stop the treasonous act of Tsipras and his now U.S masters to turn over the Macedonian culture ..just to add another U.S base in Europe….it is the United States that has meddled with the EU and Nato surrender the Macedonian culture to FYROM ..a U.S state creation based on the war crimes dis membership of the former country of Yugoslavia the U.S and Nato!

    Palmer does not state ..the breaking of International laws by those who are in Washington ..and can be identified as Anglo White Supremacist, mobsters, fascist, and war criminals, to blatantly, overturn the will of the Venezuelan people to elect Mr. Maduro as their President. by fomenting civil unrest, and impose economic warfare against the people of Venezuela which is designed to starve them , and force them to surrender their elected President , in order to install , another Neo Nazi like Porshenko in the Ukraine or communist in serve them!

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