Terrorist Sympathy within SYRIZA Aside, U.S.-Greece Relations Growing Stronger

US Ambassador to Athens Geoffrey Pyatt. (Photo by Eurokinissi/Christos Bonis)

ATHENS – U.S. Ambassador to Athens Geoffrey Pyatt, who has not spoken strongly out against furloughs from jail for a terrorist assassin behind the murders of five Americans, again said relations with Greece are growing deeper, ironically with the ruling Radical Left SYRIZA that has sympathy for terrorists and anarchists.

Speaking after a recent US-Greece Strategic Dialogue in Washington, Pyatt said the last year had been an historic one after Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras backed off his anti-American, anti-NATO stance to embrace both, opening the door for greater U.S. military presence in Greece that the Premier vowed to end.

“Deepening the U.S.-Greece relationship has strong bipartisan support in the United States,” Pyatt said during an event on Greece’s geopolitical role and Greek-American relations that was hosted by the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP).

Speaking of the U.S.-Greece Strategic Dialogue, Pyatt said that the process “elevated and institutionalized our relationship in  a manner consistent with how many of the embassy’s long-time friends have viewed the US-Greece alliance.”

He said there is “strong appreciation” in Washington for Greece’s role as a pillar of stability in the wider region, the country’s “impressive contributions” in handling waves of refugees and migrants and especially for Tsipras pushing through a deal to give away the name of an ancient Greek province to rename The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM,) which is now North Macedonia.

That agreement also opened the door for North Macedonia to get into NATO, with reports the U.S. squeezed Greece to give in to help the defense alliance admit a new member as a bulwark against Russian interests in the Balkans.

The agreement was brokered with the help of United Nations envoy Matthew Nimetz, an American lawyer who had failed for two decades to end the 28-year name dispute but reopened talks in 2018 after a three-year break and got Greece to lift vetoes keeping FYROM out of NATO and opening European Union accession talks.

“In Washington, the stock of the U.S.-Greece relationship today is higher than it has been for many years,” Pyatt said, adding it would be shown with an unprecedentedly large American delegation that will be at the Delphi Forum this weekend.

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  1. Why is Jeffrey Pyatt allowed in Greece..who measures improved Greek and American relationship by the number of U.S military bases in Greece and now FYROM !

    The current U.S Ambassador of Greece … who is subject to International criminal indictment for breaking U.N international laws to covertly. but publically, collude with members of the Ukranian government to overthrow the elected leader of the Ukraine ..and who , and is featured on You Tube with the Queen of State Department regime changes both in libya, and the Ukraine, Victoria Nuland , in coordinating and setting up a Neo Nazi government in the Ukraine ..subserviant to the U.S, and then using that government to divide the Ukrainian Orthodox church from Russian Orthodox Jurisdiction , and who has actively meddled in forcing the identity theft of the Macedonian culture by Tsipras to Fyrom… is no more than a C.i.A operative masquerading as a U.S diplomat!

    like the Ukraine ..Pyatt ..has orchestrated another coup of the government of Greece, but unlike the elected leaders of the Ukraine and now Venezuela …Tsipras surrendered the sovereignty of the people of Greece, their assets, economic, political, and military control to the U.S and Nato!..
    This is the price ..that Pyatt extracted to not do what they have done and are doing in places like Iran, North Korea, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, libya etc etc.

    TNH in their article …screams out this price payed by Tsipras, to be a traitor!

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