Anastasiades: Positive Talks with Akinci, Without Substantive Progress

House of the UNSG’s Special Representative, Lefkosia, Cyprus The President of the Republic, Mr Nicos Anastasiades, in a meeting with the leader of the Turkish Cypriot community, Mr. Mustafa Akıncı. Photo: GTP

NICOSIA (Office of the National Herald) –  In his statements after his meeting with the leader of the Turkish Cypriot community, the President of the Republic of Cyprus said, “The meeting unfolded in a friendly and positive climate, without that there were mutually held views”.

I had the opportunity to discuss with Mr Akinci the terms of reference in order to resume a creative dialogue.

The issue is an unshakable stubbornness regarding the positions held by our counterparts.We have said that the security issue that includes guarantees, invasive rights, the presence of troops can not be ignored. I have developed my ideas on the decentralization of powers so that the Turkish Cypriots can vote there and where the rights of the Turkish Cypriots may be impaired, but on broad, unfounded basis.

I have raised concerns about the actions of the occupation regime that muddy the waters and sour the amicable climate, such as Turkey’s blatant violation of Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone in both  Strovilia and Denia. We have been extensively debating the issue of my own proposal for devolution of powers. Mr Akinci did not rule out a similar debate, but insisted that even with the decentralization of powers, the Turkish Cypriot community should retain the right to vote for every decision.

We have agreed that there will be further discussion on the issue, not for the acceptance of the positive vote, but for details on decentralization. And as expected, we then discussed confidence-building measures.

I have put forward a comprehensive set of measures that could improve the climate between the community and our government. In some measures we have agreed and announced our support for them,  some will be considered in a new informal meeting, where appropriate. It is our hope that Mr Akinci realizes substantive dialogue will not take place if the he insists that the Turkish Cypriot minority community will an integral part in all decisions taken on the island of Cyprus.”

Asked whether the matter had been clarified under the Guterres framework, President Anastasiades said, “it is not so much a question of clarification, but the terms of reference can not be absent and the issue of guarantees must be clearly outlined as well as the, the issue of invasive rights and the perpetrator of such invasive presences, the Turkish army “.

When asked whether the positions of the relevant stakeholders are different in regards to the actual content of the framework of the agreement, the President said “if the differences were bridged, we would already have a solution to the Cyprus question.”

In a journalist’s observation that Mr. Akinci continues to insist on the maintenance of guarantees and invasive rights by Turkey, the President said “what Mr. Akinci insists is the basic principle, if you want, that the security of one, can not pose a threat to the security of the other, but it adopts positions that are also expressed by Turkey so that premise is suspect at best. ”

When asked about the provocative statements and actions by Turkey, Mr. Akinci had a different reaction today than other, similar, situations where he maintained that it was not up to him what Turkey does, President Anastasiades reacted negatively to that.

When President Anstasiades was asked whether after his meeting with Mr. Akinci if he that an agreement between the Republic of Cyprus and the Turkish Cypriot Community can be reached, Anastasiades said, “Please allow me to be neither optimistic nor pessimistic. We are going through a very difficult phase. I have to say that what we have agreed to use all of our strength so that we can create conditions that can be mutually agreed upon, that will allow us to have a constructive and effective dialogue”.

President Anastasiades if Mr. Akinci imitated that there would not be any developments before the summertime, the President said ” It’s not the position of Mr. Akinci that we need to wait on, but it’s really the stance of Ankara that we are waiting on and depending upon. The facts and the skeleton of the deal are here, Ankara can either accept or reject the suggested framework but the points are real and they are here for viewing”.