Cyprus Wants National Symbol to Replace Abp. Makarios

FILE - Secretary of State Henry Kissinger greets Archbishop Makarios, ousted Cypriot president, as he arrived for a meeting at the State Department in Washington, July 29, 1974. (AP Photo/John Duricka)

Cyprus’ national symbol – a statue of its first President, Archbishop Makarios – will likely be replaced with the government looking for something it says better represents the island’s residents, including Turkish-Cypriots who’ve occupied the northern third since an unlawful 1974 invasion.

The legitimate government isn’t recognized by Turkey although Cyprus is a member of the European Union that Turkey wants to join while barring Cypriot ships and planes and wanting to keep an army in the occupied land.

A search is underway for the location and form of a new monument which will act as a reference point for Cyprus and replace Makarios’ statue, which is at the President palace, and where respects are currently paid during national events but also during visits by foreign officials.

The newspaper Politis said location scouting is underway for a spot to place the new monument with a favored idea said to be one dedicated to unknown soldiers that could be put into Eleftheria Square.

The government is considering that such a monument, Politis said, could be dedicated to the fallen of World War II, where Greek and Turkish-Cypriots fought against fascism side by side before battling each other in war.


  1. I guess that if you wanted to downgrade the Makarios legacy, there would be nothing quite as effective as publicizing a photo of him alongside a smiling and double-dealing Kissinger.

  2. More Greeks retreating, from Makedonia, to Cyprus, Rewriting history, to where maybe once there was more unity, more community, the last 4 decades, the way things are now, maybe not 100% believe in separation or division, but 99% do…on both sides. The Greeks cannot believe in seperation because the entire island is Greek territory not half, Greeks must be in control, of 100% of Cyprus, Territory, Politically, Militarily, etc…with a Turkish minority, protected with voting and representation…all the “settlers must go” then Enosis.. just another Greek island, Oh yes, British have to leave too no bases no troops..

    1. Pavlo, I believe the lesser of m,any evils at this time is to continue the separation of Cyprus. Separation need not mean recognition of the invader institutions.

      The matter of the British bases must be handled carefully, for any perceived Greek threat to those bases could become a propaganda point to back up further Turkish aggression.

  3. I’ve run into Cypriots on Greek islands proudly displaying portraits of Grivas and proclaiming Macarius as defrocked.

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