Rediscovering the Community as a Governing Body of the Greek Diaspora

FILE - Greek-American Community's New York Rally for Macedonia, March 18, 2018. (Photo by TNH/Costas Bej)

The recent events occurring in that modern-day disorderly house of ill repute known as the Hellenic Parliament – culminating with the passage of the Prespes Agreement (possibly the most lopsided deal signed by Greece since the Nazis forced their puppet regime in Athens to take out a loan to bankroll the occupying forces during WWII) – represent an infamous moment in the decline of democracy in Modern Greece.

The vast majority of the Greek population remains vehemently opposed to this raw …

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  1. Greek America was built by glorious masons Taki Metaxas, Charlie Cacoures and Jack Casavis. We need an event on “The Greek Origin of Freemasonry” By Jack N Casavis (Divry, 1936). Casavis was acknowledged by the Greek government as the liberator of the Dodecanese and his many pharmacies convalesced our forefathers.

    Vatikiotis (1998) says both Metaxas and Vanizelus were masons. Greek Tectons of the 1821 Revolution included Emanuel Xanthos, Nicholas Scufas, Athansius Tsacalov, and probably also Capo d’Istria, Ypsilanti and Colocotron, and indeed the entire concept of the Friendly Company which devised Greek independence in Odessa was masonic and worked in concert with another society, for Israel’s regeneration, equally encouraged by the Mennonite Catherine the Great. Catherine, that grand disciple of Diderot’s enlightened despotism, was the great promoter of Russian Freemasony.

    Pushkin and the Golitsyns were prominent Russian masons, also Ivan Jelagin, Kereknsi, Pushkin’s uncle Vasily Lvovich, Grand-Prince Konstantin Pavlovich, Vasilievlevovich, the famous jurist Mikhail Speranski, General Mikhail Kutuzov. It was Golitzyn who attempted to get Anna of Courland to restore the conciliarity by which the Assemblies of the Land chose the Romanovs.

    W L Westermann wrote (J Egy Arc 18#1 p27) “Further, I would add that this is another, though humble, example of the greatest among the gifts of the ancient Greeks to human society, namely, the secularization of human

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