Another Olympic Scandal – Tokyo – Shows Games Belong in Athens

FILE - In this March 5, 2015 file photo, Japan's National Stadium is dismantled for the renovation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, in Tokyo. (AP Photo/Shuji Kajiyama, File)

Well, another four years between Olympics means it’s been too long to savor another scandal around money-grubbing corrupt officials who couldn’t lift a discus, never mind throw one, and who use The Games to enrich themselves and desecrate what the event used to stand for.

This time it’s around the 2020 Games in Tokyo, which had the games in 1964 and won them a second time in a 2013 vote over Istanbul, which Greece calls Constantinople (love to see Greek TV …

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  1. That is correct, but if the structures were permanent they’d only have to be built once and maintained and every four years would bring a boom in revenue …

    1. Between Dabilis and Scaros, there is hope that TNH can change its narrative from representing the interests of Aristocratic Neo Con Elitist Extremist in the Secret Societies of the United States, EU and the Greek Masons to represent the benefactors of a permanent home for the Olympic… ..the populace of Greece!

      I commend Andy Dabilis for brilliantly, not only prescribing a vision which can trademark the Greek Olympics as the property of Greece, but ignite a torch of Greek pride, culture, history and most importantly her independence both economically and politically !

      However, I recommend , in establishing its claim to the only legitimate home of the Olympics Greece’s Olympic committee should return to the original principals of the Olympics, where only truly amateur athletes from around the world compete, not multi millionaire professional Athletes funded by corporate sponsors to make them advertising Bill boards, or identified countries like the U.S and China, who financially load up Olympic rosters to win a point contest to demonstrate whose countries are the superior race or system!

      Can you imagine.. international invitations every year for women, teenagers, special olympics under the landscape of Greece, and then the final presentation to the world.of what was once good in the world.. human heart and spirit ..not Aristocracies of money!

      Andy is correct… like Field of Dreams….build the Fields of Greece …and they will come!


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