AHEPA Applauds Congress for Stymying F-35 Sales to Turkey

(Takuto Kaneko/Kyodo News via AP, file)

The Order of AHEPA lauded the approval by the U.S. Congress of a funding bill that includes boosting Greek army education and training and raises obstacles in the sale of F-35 fighter jets to Turkey.

“We applaud Congress for passage of a bipartisan, comprehensive FY2019 funding bill that bolsters support for US-Greece relations with a $1 million appropriation for Greece’s International Military Education and Training program; a program that advances the professional military education of the Greek Armed Forces.

The statement noted, “The bill contains provisions and report language that address: Turkey’s purchase of Russia’s S-400 missile defense system, the transfer of the F-35 jet fighters to Turkey, and the ‘wrongful or unlawful prolonged detention’ of American citizens and locally-employed State Department or USAID staff in Turkey,” AHEPA Supreme President George Loucas noted, glad Turkey has been put off.


  1. TNH and the Ahepan Masons…continue to censor all posts that refute and bring truth to their fraudulent enterprise and collaboration to misrepresent and distort information to Geeks in Greece and America!

    This article… exposes the only purpose of TNH and their secret society of Greek Masons to falsely suggest a Secret Society of neocon Masons..with secret agenda’s and rules… is a legitimate and relevant organization defending Greek interest and traditions in the Greek community!..when they are irrelevant Aristocratic elitist..networking with corrupt members of our congress ..for their personal interests , not Greek interests!

    TNH…gives the “Supreme” leader of these Ahepa Masons… George Lucas plenty of rope to hang himself and his organization…when he applaud.a bill which punishes Turkey for buying DEFENSIVE ANTI-BALLISTIC missiles from Russia, and stalls the contracted delivery of 100 F-35 advanced “OFFENSIVE jet fighters and bombers from the U.S to Turkey,

    Therefore , Turkey, the only threat to Greece and Cyprus will receive not only these advance fighters, and leave brave Greek pilots with obsolete F-16’s to defend Greece,…but also U.S anti ballistic missiles , if only Turkey renege on their contract with Russia!

    Therefore… TNh and Lucas applaud a bill which makes U.S. arms manufacturers more money, strengthens Turkey..but provides no benefits to Greeks!

    Mr. lucas…I presume you also applauded the theft of the Maceonian name!

    1. To TNH…I am sure you will remove this post again..and demonstrate to the Greek Community..how false News and media control has been used not only to promote false narratives..which include Russia Collusion and Meddling to incite hostilities between Americans and Russians, or how about all those Regime change narratives which include false charges of human rights offensives in order to provide a pretext to bomb and invade sovereingn nation of the world..or break international laws to wage economic and political wars to starve the people ..like in Venezuela ..to surrender their leader to nothing more than Organized Crime syndicates called the EU, Nato and the U.S!
      Mr. lucas and the Ahepan Masons …a group of Aristocrates are the perfect example of how Mass Media works and collaborates with Billionaire Aristocrates to promote their horrific war against the world!

      Congratulations ….on making me and other comply with you marching orders to not question or offer information …to stop corrupt crimes against peace and mankind!

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