Cold Wave Oceanis Will Not Bring Snow to Athens

FILE - A tourist poses for a picture at Filopappos hill as at the background is seen the ancient Acropolis hill with the 500BC Parthenon temple, after snowfall in Athens, on Tuesday, Jan. 8, 2019. (AP Photo/Petros Giannakouris)

The cold wave “Oceanis” that is expected to hit Greece at the weekend will bring snow to the northern Greek city of Thessaloniki but not to Athens, according to the latest weather reports on Friday.

According to an update from meteo, the National Observatory of Athens weather service, Athens will be at the warm center of the “Oceanis” system so any snow will be confined to the mountains and foothills of Attica and perhaps some lower altitude areas in the northwestern parts of the region.

The main characteristics of the cold wave will be a major drop in temperatures (over 10 degrees Celsius), heavy rainfall and storms at sea.

Moreover, gale force winds of up to 9 or even 10 on the Beaufort scale will blow in the Aegean and the Ionian Sea and on the shores of western Greece.

The meteo service issued a video with the forecast maps of the phenomena expected to accompany “Oceanis,” between Friday afternoon and Monday afternoon, as well as forecast maps of snow coverage during Saturday and Sunday.