Greek School of Plato Teachers Host Tsiknopempti Event

The Greek School of Plato Tsiknopempti event takes place in Brooklyn on March 2. Photo: (Courtesy of the organizers)

BROOKLYN – The Greek School of Plato Teachers have come together to host their Tsiknopempti event, an evening of food, drinks, music, and great fun on Saturday, March 2, 8 PM at the Cretan Brotherhood, 1811 Coney Island Avenue in Brooklyn. Come join us for an evening of grilling as part of the traditional Carnival celebrations. Admission is $25, including food and drinks, and will help raise funds for the school.

More information is available by phone: 347-447-1550 or email:

Greeks celebrate Tsiknopempti, literally Grilled Meat Smoke Thursday, 11 days before Clean Monday, the start of Great Lent, the fasting period leading up to Easter. Tsiknopempti is therefore one of the last opportunities to eat meat before the fasting begins, and so the day traditionally has a special festive character during Apokries or Carnival. Large quantities of grilled meats, including souvlaki, are consumed. Many local towns in Greece set up grills in the central squares and beside the food, the festivities include music and dancing.