Sifnos, Crete and Samos among the 26 European Islands Starting the Transition to Clean Energy

Vathi, on the Greek island of Sifnos in the Cyclades chain. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Twenty-six European islands, including three Greek ones, have officially launched their transition to clean energy with the support of the European Commission’s Clean Energy Initiative for the EU Islands.

“Islands are becoming more and more visible on the European agenda. Supporting 26 islands across the Union’s geographic reach is an important step for island communities to play a leading role in the transition to clean energy and to ensure permanent EU assistance,” said MEP Tonino Picula.

Initially six islands began the transition with projects that will be completed by the summer of 2019: Aran (Ireland) Kres-Lossing (Croatia), Sifnos (Greece), Cowatra (Portugal), Salina (Italy) and La Palma (Spain). The remaining 20 islands will do so by the summer of 2020. These include:

· Hvar, Croatia

· Brac, Croatia

· Crocus, Croatia

· Kokar, Finland

· Marie-Galante, France

· New Caledonia, France

· Crete, Greece

· Samos, Greece

· Cape Town, Ireland

· Favignana, Italy

· Pantelleria, Italy

· Azores, Portugal

· Ibiza, Spain

· Mallorca, Spain

Menorca, Spain

· Ila de Arousa, Spain

· Gotland, Sweden

· Oland, Sweden

· Orkney, UK

· Scottish islands, UK