Cyprus Orthodox Church Backs Ukrainian Church’s Independence

FILE - Church of Cyprus leader Archbishop Chrysostomos. (Photo by Eurokinissi/Christos Bonis)

NICOSIA (AP) — Cyprus’ Orthodox Church says it supports the Ukrainian Orthodox Church’s right to independence that was granted by the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople last month, aiming to heal its divisions.

The Holy Synod also said Wednesday, however, that Patriarch Bartholomew should take into account the “sensitivities” of Russians whose roots in the faith are found in Ukraine.

It says the Patriarch should arrange for the Russian faithful have some degree of “jurisdiction” in Ukraine, which could be done through the appointment of an envoy or the establishment of a monastery there.

The Ukrainian church’s decision to split from the Moscow Patriarchate after ties of more than three centuries has angered Russia. The Russian church has severed ties with Patriarch Bartholomew, which the Cyprus church has strongly criticized.


  1. This is not true. The church of cyprus has
    Declared it will NOT recognize the fake bishop
    Denisenko. The holy synod of the church of cyprus made clear in its public statement
    That the bishops under denisenko are
    Schismatics with invalid ordinations and

    Furthermore, the church of cyprus affirmed
    Metropolitan onuphry as the canonical bishop
    Of Ukraine.

    Since the church of cyprus has refused to
    Recognize the fake church and the archbishop
    Of cyprus refused to concelebrate with
    The fake bishop denisenko and refused
    To send a delegation to the fake
    Enthronement in Ukraine it is very
    Clear that the church of cyprus does not
    Back the Ukrainian schismatics.

    For several months efforts have been made by
    The schismatics to lie about the real
    Orthodox churches. Outside the Phanar no
    One recognized this political organization
    Masquerading as a church.

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      TNH…masquerading as journalist!

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