One in Three Greek Gas Stations Show Fuel Violations

(Photo by Eurokinissi/MIchalis Karagiannis, file)

Getting gas at Greek fuel stations has become a risk with a report that one-third of them have fixed the flow meters to show you’re getting less than buying and with frequent adulteration of the product.

Checks of some 546 gasoline stations showed that 181 had violated the law as shown by the real figures of fixed inflow-outflow systems, said Kathimerini, and fiddling with other required data so they could boost their income, including selling dirty or diluted fuel.

The tax violations included instances of hiding taxable material, failure to pay Value Added Tax (VAT,) and transactions without invoices or receipts, with authorities shutting down major offenders.

Monitoring authorities estimate the taxable material concealed from the tax authorities up until the inspections at some 8.3 million euros ($9.39 million) the paper said.

The customs violations identified concerned the use of tanks without the required license, irregular fuel samples and using smuggled gasoline and fuels. The volume of fuel confiscated last year exceeded 106,000 liters, some 28,002 gallons worth.

There were also cases of diesel being adulterated with heating oil, as well as other oil products with a high sulfur rate, and even water. Expensive forms of gasoline were also found to have been adulterated with cheaper types.

There was no reports whether any of the offenders were prosecuted or how they were punished, or if they were as it’s common in Greece for inspections not to be followed by further actions against violators.