Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew is Expected to Visit the U.S. in July

FILE - In this Friday, Aug. 31, 2018 file photo, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I, the spiritual leader of the world's Orthodox Christians, looks on at the Patriarchate in Constantinople. (AP Photo/Lefteris Pitarakis, file)

Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew is expected to visit the U.S. in July. He has been invited by secretary of State Mike Pompeo to speak at a Conference about the Natural Environment.

The National Herald has learned that Patriarch Bartholomew has accepted Pompeo’s invitation. The Patriarch will also make an archpastoral visit to the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America.

Bartholomew visited America ten years ago on October of 2009.


  1. I for one am glad to hear that the Ecumenical Patriarch is coming to America. I have read many comments lately that are very troubling as they reflect a loss of respect and confidence in him. I do share some of those same thoughts about him. Our Greek Orthodox Church in America is dying. The answer is not turning control of Orthodoxy to Putin. As bad and corrupt as things are now, as they concern the Church, the answer is not by assisting the Moscow Kremlin, therefore turning over control to them.

    The answer is that the leader of Orthodoxy must act like a leader and protect the flock from all of our problems. Here is a partial list:
    1. The cult we all call the “Ephraimites”
    2. Sycophantic courtiers who are primarily Laity that surround our Hierarchs and tell them they are great, in spite of what is true.
    3. A seminary that is just “minting” ill-trained clergy unable to function in the 21st century.
    4. Remove, even by force, a primate (i.e. the Archbishop) who is weak and inept.
    5. Retire half of the Metropolitans who have destroyed their Metropolises.
    6. Make all the Metropolitans Bishops again. A lesson that we should have learned from the Antiochian jurisdiction

    Will he do any of these things……….NO! What was I thinking?

    1. Basil312. Shame on you to believe all the rabid Russophobia promoted by the American media. President Putin is a devout Orthodox who promotes the building of new churches and monasteries. He is a patriot who loves his country. The U.S. government is actively promoting mistrust between Russian Orthodoxy and Greek Orthodoxy. U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo and the U.S. Ambassador at large for Promoting Religious Freedom Sam Brownback as well as the American Ambassador to Greece Geoffrey Pyatt (formerly Ambassador to Ukraine who with Victoria Nuland ‘co-sponsored’ the violent coup detat which overthrow the democratically elected President Yanouchovich) have all paid visits to Patriarch Bartholomew, each congratulating Bartholomew on granting autocephaly to the schismatic Ukrainian Orthodox Church – Kiev Patriarchate. Recently Pyatt entertained the journalists of website to his Athens residence to tell them Russia is trying to undermine Patriarch Bartholomew and spread false information.
      Yes, this is a Russian religious website from Ukraine which you might find interesting. You will find facts not propaganda.
      By the way, I am a U.S. teacher living in the U.K. and am half Greek (Macedonia) and half Russian. I am appalled at the racist anti-Russian propaganda coming out of the U.S. Americans need to wake up and question the media. Καλή τέσσερα…

    2. This site needs to shut down by the feds. It’s been thoroughly penetrated by Russia’s FSB agents and sympathizers. Someone call the FBI. Putin a devout Orthodox, huh? FSB has poisoned our reservoirs with LSD.

      Better yet, wake up the brave Archons who are sleeping in the booths of their pizza parlors in one of New York’s 5 boroughs or in Chicago and Detroit. Maybe they can help.

  2. The local DC area churches will be asked to foot Bart’s bills while in DC at The Ritz, the limos, the 10,000 buck a table dinners, and other assorted cash for walk around money, gifts, flowers, and other plunder and tribute similar to any other Imperial visit. Just like Jesus used to roll, right?

    The “intro” of the new inept archbishop will also occur and they’ll have to foot his bills, too, because GOA is tapped out.

    1. How appropriate….Bart ..visiting his new masters the Washington Belt ! Why would the churches have to pay for his visit!

      The war lords in the State Department…who currently are eyeing Eastern Europe as another occupation possession ..must be so proud of what he did their march on Russia and any other country of Europe who obstructs their Global plans of hegemony of Anglo White Supremacist racist like Donald Trump, John Bolton, Mike Pompeio, Robert Menedez..and the rest of the prostitutes in our Congress! I am sure if asked …they will pay for an important tool of war the heavily populated Orthodox population in Eastern Europe continue their despicable plans to make their enemies …those of the rest of Europe Russia!

      As a Greek Orthodox American…Bart does not exist! My master is Christ…not the US government or Bart…! What I would recommend for all Orthodox faithful ignore him …and stop any funding of his expenses to visit his new masters in Washington .by demanding that their churches provide no funds or assistance to his charade!

      Between Bart and Tsipras…4000 years of Hellenic honor and values ..have been trashed beyond any hope of repair…and fortunately…does not change a thing…as to who we worship!

    2. My hunch is that all the expenses have already been covered. Just because THN broke the news a day or two ago doesn’t mean preparations weren’t long under way before any of this became public. But there will be laity who will always pay big bucks to get near him, regardless of where the money goes. Also, the Patriarch will never allow the hierarchical system to revert to the previous one. He pulled a really big coup by changing the bishops to metropolitans, via the new charter, responsible to the EP rather than the Archbishop. And I don’t think the Patriarch trusts anyone enough to have an archbishop truly in charge, not even Elpidoforos, because he knows what that will do here, as in Spyridon.

  3. So Basil …you support the turning over the Orthodox Church to the Neo Nazi State of Porshenko …a card carrying Nazi and 900 million dollar oligark ..who was installed as part of a coup coordinated by the now acknowledged International Police State…called the United States and Nato!

    So support …Bart…to basically.. create a schism and spiritual unity between Russia, the largest population of Orthodox Christians in the order serve the demands of Anglo evangelical white supremacist racist, who support Islamic terrorists with Saudi Arabia, where freedom of religion does not exist burn Orthodox Churches, murder Orthodox Clergy and faithful in Syria…and then ignore the pleas from the Orthodox Patriarchs of Syria , lebanon, and Jerusalem to help them stop the U.S government in arming and funding these animals to overthrow their government!

    Importantly… Bart ..not only ignored them …but provided no support when these Patriarchs ..went to Washington ..and were ignored by McCain, Cruz , and Obama…the purveyors of war crimes!

    However, while Bart was counting his loot from the Ukrainian payoff…the Russian Orthodox Church was blessing the Russian Orthodox servicemen supported by the boogyman save Syrian Orthodox Christians and citizens from your demonic jihadist…and Putin has defeated the U.S led regime change degenerates and their terrorist states of Saudi Arabia and UAE!

    Why would anyone listen to you!

    1. Let me give you a few examples Michael about your savior Vladimir Putin. Perhaps you missed the following criminal acts that were “alleged” to have occurred under “Saint Vladimir”:
      1. Alexander Litvineniko Poisoned to death;
      2. Anna Politkovskaya Murdered, shot at point blank range;
      3. Natalia Estemirova Kidnapped, then shot in the head;
      4. Stanislav Markelov and Anastsia Baburova Both shot to death;
      5. Boris Nemtsov Shot to death;
      6. Boris Berezovsky Shot to death;
      7. Paul Klebnikov Shot to death;
      8. Sergei Yushenkov Shot to death;
      Let’s see, a government that imprisons dissenters, occupies foreign territory, quashes opposition, just to name a few issues is your preferred choice Michael? Let me ask you a question, are you really Greek or just a Russian troll?

    2. Paul Klebnikov was a New York Native, known to many of us. He wrote a dissertation on Stolipyn, the market-oriented reformer who tried to prevent the land owners revassalizing the serfs through the false obsina mir ideology that morphed into bolshevism, Klebnikov was the only one who knew how to make Russia a vibrant modern state.

    3. Michael Giannakos. Bravo! Thank God there are Greeks like you who don’t have their head in the sand. I applaud your statements! Bart is not the head of my church either. It is Christ!
      Write if you care to:

  4. Basil 312…provides us with an example, on how Neo Nazi in our government and TNH, and Mass media .. distort information and lie …to discredit the leaders of foreign order to impose criminal illegal economic, political and military wars to take over the sovereignty of independent Iraq, Syria, libya, Afganistan, Iran, Yemen, Somalia, Venezuela, China, North Korea, Cuba, Ukraine ….and Russia.etc etc.

    However, there is not enough to highlight the fact …that one of their to portray leaders as Dictators, Murderers, Human rights oppressors, Nazi’s and other demeaning things!

    In this manner …Basil ..has chosen to make charges against Vladimir Putin make the case for the hostile attacks on Russia ..which he also uses …to justify the criminal actions of the U.S government.

    Therefore, all the deaths he lists as being ordered by Putin …are neither supported by any evidence, and on the contrary …those responsible in many cases have been tried , prosecuted and sentenced to prison!
    What all readers need to do to google up the names of Basils ..state department victims. by Putin …and review for yourself..whatever evidence they have to implicate Putin!

    Basil probably a Hillary Clinton disciple. and Greek secret society member ..who also will tell you that Putin colluded with Trump to win the election, despite no evidence !

    What Basil…counts on nobody ever checks on the truth!…

    1. The truth…is based on proven facts…and in support of the truth….I submit the belief that the U.S government is a fascist rogue state of Anglo White Supremacist Racist.who are imposing a foreign policy of perpetual wars and hostilities to take control of the sovereingty of independent countries of the world …and make anybody…including the Orthodox Church enemies…who Russia!

      So Basil does the U.S government match up with the charges against Putin., but based on evidence and person witnessing!

      The assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. of the greatest American of all times!

      “The United States government is the greatest purveyor of violence in the world.”- Martin Luther King

      On December 8, 1999, a jury in Memphis, Tennessee, reached the verdict that Martin Luther King Jr. was killed as a result of a conspiracy involving the FBI, CIA, U.S. Army, Memphis police and the Mafia.
      After a five week trial which presented 70 witnesses, the jury (made up of six blacks and six whites) rejected the official position that the civil rights titan was shot by a lone assassin, James Earl Ray,

      The jury found Jowers guilty as one part of a large conspiracy created by government…but no action was taken against J Edward Hoover..FBI

      George Bush jr based on lies . ordered the .killing of 600,000 Iraqis and its leader!
      Hillary Clinton based on lies…ordered the killing of thousands of libyans.

      Putin and Russia ..are not war…

    2. Michael please stop with all the unfounded conspiracy theories and irrelevant and immaterial and unconnected conflation of falsehoods. There is zero evidence of payoffs to the Ecumenical Patriarch. The assassination of Martin Luther King has zero to do with the problems of incompetent hierarchs governing our Church. Russia is considered one of the most corrupt countries on Earth by any neutral source or observer. Your personal preference for the Patriarch of Moscow being the first among equals speaks volumes of who you are. I was not a Hillary Clinton supporter, nor am I a member of a secret Greek Society. Also I just gave the readers a “short list” of Russian atrocities. By the way Michael your comments are so very disturbing and inappropriate that this is my last reply to your unhinged postings.

  5. As a Russian expatriate priest once told me about Putin, once KGB, always KGB. Enough said. And, PS folks, there is no such thing as a “leader of world Orthodoxy”, whatever that is.

    1. And as a U.S Pentagon Analyst once said about George Bush Sr. , John Bolton, Mike Pompeio,, once C.I.A …always C.I.A ….and why unlike Putin …there are 3 1/2 million people dead in the MIddle East…and if Putin…acts like a KGB…;then REPANIDI . you better find a leader of the Orthodox church..because we are going to need plenty of administer the last rites of our population!

      Defending this government ..who has 800 bases around 100 countries of the world …who have an 800 billion dollar budget to kill people compared to Putin with a 60 billion dollar budget ..and one military base outside of Russia !

      Only white supremacist degenerates can support this government…and in the same breath themselves devoted Christians ..who wish to bring the word of God to the people!

      All you are ..are born again Anglo Evangelical bible toting false prophets and frauds.

    2. Giannakos, Anglo Evangelical? It is an oxymoron. Are you so anhistoritos? The Evangelicals were the Abolitionist Scotts Germans of the Appalachians while the Episcopalians and Catholics (Kentucky was Irish Catholic and Alabama was founded by the Spaniards and French, which is why the Greek slave shippers settled there) were the slave owners in the plains. In the 1920s the Episcopalians almost became Orthodox and it was the Anglicans which most helped Orthodoxy take root in America ( It was the arrival of Evangelical Germans forced out by the Czars in 1848 that changed the electoral balance against slavery. see David Hackett Fischer’s Albion’s Seed. Stop getting your history lessons from the Cafeneum.

  6. In the Basil vs Michael debate, let me try a cautious midway comment which I hope will be seen as constructive:

    Basil, you do not have to like Russia or Putin to recognize, both as an American and as an Orthodox Christian, that there are far more severe problems faced by the United States and by Christendom in general than who rules in Moscow. Above all, our common Christendom faces an expansionist Islam, a danger that takes many forms.

    Both the United States and Russia have suffered from radical Islamic terrorism. Meanwhile, our ancestral Greece faces a very dangerous radical Islamic Turkey–a Turkey that is now well armed, as the result of receiving short-sighted US aid and, more recently, short-sighted Russian aid. This is no time for the US and Russia to be fighting with one another; they need to instead cooperate against Islamic expansionism.

    1. John…you are absolutely correct…no reason why Russia and U.S ..alleged Christian people ..should not be working together to unite the world…not dividing its religions and cultures!

      AS you correctly stated ..a united Russia and U.S …would not be patronizing Turkish aggressions those in Syria , Iraq, Cyprus and threatening Greece! it or not …the truth is that the U.S Anglo White Supremacist racist Globalist, who now march thru the halls of our government and appointed by the Clinton , Bush and Cheney cabal of Global fascist and demand control of the worlds oil and gas supplies to take over the sovereignty of the countries of the world …have obstructed this alliance!

      Russia was more than happy to join Nato and the EU after the cold war…..but stopped by the U.S , because Nato a vassal organization of the U.S fascist would no longer be needed and they would lose control over Europe and their Global control!

      If we take the words of Washington strategist Brzezinski, as the driving motive for Anglo, and later, American foreign policy for more than an entire century..

      .” What happens with the distribution of power on the Eurasian landmass will be of decisive importance to America’s global primacy and …..

      Who rules East Europe commands the Heartland;
      Who rules the Heartland commands the World-Island;
      Who rules the World-Island commands the world.

      And that is why ..;Russia and the orthodox church is our enemy!

  7. Basil ..good idea to remove yourself from this conversation …since your last post confesses…that you gave all the reader..”.just a list of Russian atrocities”., when in fact you claimed a list of atrocities by Vladimir Putin…the leader of Russia!

    The documented evidence …exposes your lies and distortion to make you and your Anglo white Evangelical supremacist racist in our government’s enemies…. which include Russia and now the entire orthodox church…now those of the Greek community and the world!

    You then are outraged…by highlighting your hypocrisy…in dismissing the relevance of the assassination of one of greatest Americans in History…Martin Luther King Jr …also a man of the cloth….by the same government you support today …who ordered Bartholomew divide the Orthodox Church!

    You are correct ..I cannot prove that Bart was compensated for his actions, no more than you can prove Vladimir Putin ordered the murders of your listed victims…however…unlike Putin…Bart publically ordered illegitimately….. the dismantling of the Orthodox Church in the Ukraine and Russia!

    Finally, you lie again…because by Gallop polls ..almost 80 % of the U.S population and world consider the U.S.government the most dangerous threat to world peace…and corrupt thru and thru,,,not Russia !.

    Basil… are dangerous…as

    “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity”.

    Martin Luther King…

    1. Do you think some medical marijuana would help Michael Gianjoker’s diarrhea?
      Or maybe we should just put a plug in his butt and let him drown in it? He wouldn’t know the difference between ML King and Don King.

    2. Only the freedom of the Anglosphere, including Israel and India produces real innovations, like new building materials, microscopy, neuroscience, genetics and extraterrestrial propulsion. Iakovos was upset Papanicolaou shunned church for work. Crysostom wrote the hideous totalitarianism “Questioning is the subversion of faith” (Homily I on I Timothy I). Russia’s technology, however, has traditionally has either been stolen or bluster vaporware and even lysenkoism. Look at the spironolactone clinical trials scandal. Unfree nations can’t compete in modern science because they shun peer review, even a Greece that allows cults to persecute you for blasphemy is not free. Alexandrians invented the steam engine and computer two millenia ago but lacked the patent and corproration system to exploit them for greater good.

  8. The only “leaders” Orthodox Christians need is a faithful local bishop who “rightly divides the word of His truth” and a parish priest who acts humbly and involves the flock in the mystical life of the Church. All other comments about “leaders” are irrelevant.

    1. Repanidi.1908…in this case are actually correct….since the only leader I Christ!

      And in support of what you said …did not our true leader ask of his disciples and followers like Peter preach the gospel and build his church in all the Nations of the world…nothing more or less!

      There is only one need ..and that is a body of the most devoted and qualified theologians of the Orthodox church …to oversee …the maintenance of the standards of the original church of Christ the Orthodox Church ,its bishops, Clergy and board members of the church!

      There are very few flock …that the Pope or Bart preach to or have any connection to …and are merely self proclaimed figureheads….who are used by corrupt and deviate leaders and representatives of the Nations of the world …to promote values and policies the populace ..which are contrary to our christian beliefs!

      Do you think …that the slaughters in Vietnam , libya, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Afgnanistan etc etc ..represent Christian values as taught by the leader of the Orthodox church …Christ?

      .Do you think Spiro , Basil or the latest apologist for Anglo White supremacist , Melas … who seems to be confused as to who runs our country…and left out a whole group of Southern Baptist.and born again Christians represented by degenerates Clinton, Bush, Cheney, McCain dynasty of former British subjects from England…..have a clue of what they support?..

  9. Dear Michael,

    I know you have very “Special Needs” and I understand it’s upsetting to still be living out your mothers basement at 40. But the entre Greek community is laughing at you and asking to please get back on your meds.

    I will always love you, because no one else ever will. And please for the love of God stop using our family name in your comments. Yia Yia just put herself in the Witness Protection Program.


    1. 40? He gave himself away when commenting on Menendes.
      He is gerobabalis at 68, from NJ to FL.
      With relatives like Montaleza and Santiago,
      you guess why he hates Anglos.
      Internet exposes all Trojan Horses.

    2. Gianakos is a Russian cut out. He is not a Greco. His real identity was mentioned in the phony Christopher Steele dossier paid for by Hillary through her “Big Law” law firm and then used by the Deep State to attempt to discredit the
      He also gets paid by word to disrupt the Greeks.

  10. Pete , copa, spiro deranged rants,with TNH…reveal the depth of the depravity in the Secret societies of Ahepa Masons and our government ..and why they fear me!….

    Congresswomen Tulsi Gabbard and Iraq veteran..also called a Russian Agent .describes…..

    When I took an oath to serve my country as a soldier, against all enemies foreign and domestic, willing to sacrifice all, I did so because I love our country! Our troops place service above self every day, and why I’m offering to serve you as President and Commander in Chief. I will bring a soldier’s values to the White House, restoring integrity, honor, to the Presidency.

    Our democracy is being threatened by media giants ruled by corporate interests , in the pocket of the establishment war machine. When journalism is deployed as a weapon against those who call for peace, it threatens our democracy as it seeks to silence debate and dissent, creates an atmosphere of fear and paranoia, and stokes the rhetoric that could lead to nuclear war. This danger is not new – we saw it take hold of our nation during the last Cold War, as McCarthy hysteria!.

    Russia-baiting propaganda is being deployed against our campaign along with anyone else, on the left or the right, who speaks out against regime change war or the new Cold War. The corporate media is doing everything they can to stop our campaign before it gets started – including using fraudulent journalism and discredited sources to launch their biased attacks. 

    1. It’s also possible that Mike GianVlakas is just a monkey sitting at a computer, randomly punching the key board and pressing send.

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