Sen. Gianaris, Rep. Maloney Issue Statements on Amazon’s Decision to Quit HQ Plans in New York

New York State Sen. Michael Gianaris, Wednesday Nov. 14, 2018, in New York. (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)

FILE - New York State Sen. Michael Gianaris, center, calls on supporters to remove the Amazon app from their phones and boycott the company, as he address a coalition rally and press conference Wednesday Nov. 14, 2018, in New York. (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)

LONG ISLAND CITY – Senate Deputy Leader Michael Gianaris issued the following statement on Amazon’s decision not to proceed with the plan to build its second headquarters in Long Island City:

“Today’s behavior by Amazon shows why they would have been a bad partner for New York in any event. Rather than seriously engage with the community they proposed to profoundly change, Amazon continued its effort to shakedown governments to get its way. It is time for a national dialogue about the perils of these types of corporate subsidies.”

Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney (D-NY-12), co-chair and co-founder of the Congressional Hellenic Caucus, also issued a statement on Amazon’s decision via Twitter:

“Disappointed that NYC won’t be home to 25K+ new jobs from HQ2 & that LIC will lose out on infrastructure improvements that would have accompanied this project. This is not the Valentine that NY needed.

“The deal could have been improved. There were legitimate concerns raised and aspects that I wanted changed. I was ready to work for those changes. But now, we won’t have a chance to do that and we are out 25K+ new jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars in new investments.

“As I said on Monday [Feb. 11], ‘With 25K well-paying jobs coming to the neighborhood, the residents of Queensbridge, Ravenswood, Astoria Houses, & Woodside have good chances for the future. We need to make sure that… opportunities lead to jobs.’

“I’ll continue working with the residents of Queensbridge, Ravenswood, Astoria Houses, & Woodside and all #LIC & #NY12 to strengthen our economy & bring good paying jobs to NY.”



  1. Great work. There go 25,000 jobs that would have brought 25,000 people to diners, stores and businesses. Amazon hasn’t exactly blighted where it’s been and there’s a reason cities were competing for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that will eventually wind up somewhere else and bring a bonanza. As for the tax breaks, when was the last time a major business didn’t get one? Coming soon to Long Island City: empty lots.

  2. Shame on Gianaris for being the leader of the pack that drove away 25,000 jobs. Ironically, if stat government would curtail the welfare state, and reduce taxes, none of the incentives would have been needed.
    In the end Gianaris, Van Bramer, and AOC have a serious deficiency in understanding economic development.

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