A Crisis among Us

(AP Photo)

In recent times there have been progressive efforts in both New York and New Jersey for liberal legislation. These include: decriminalization and legalization of marijuana, legalization of sports betting in New Jersey and most recently in New York the passing of legislation for abortion up until birth. These progressive movements present great moral and ethical challenges not only to the Orthodox Christian community but to other faiths as well.

What each of the aforementioned issues have in common is the denigration …

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  1. Anyone who votes in these monsters cannot and should not call themselves a Christian. Instead they are Satans discples and should identify themselves correctly.

  2. A good essay to read on substance abuse, easily available from the internet, is “Why do men stupefy themselves?” by Leo Tolstoy. Written in 1890, it is even more relevant today. The only change, sadly, is that we would now need to change the essay’s title to also include women.

  3. Canabis is the plant from which sails are made, canvas, or caravopano, so are twill (drili in Greek) and (tightly woven) duck-cloth.

    I oppose all these drugs, but I also know canabis has always existed in Greece. Wiki says “The oldest written record of cannabis usage is the Greek historian Herodotus’s reference to the central Eurasian Scythians taking cannabis steam baths . . .Classical Greeks and Romans were using cannabis”.

    I know of otherwise heroic soldiers being put in the brig for smoking pot in Greece in the 1940s.

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