Ordination to the Diaconate in Paris, France

Metropolitan Emmanuel of France reads the preliminary prayer to Anton Gelyasov in front of the Royal Door. CREDIT: Curtesy Metropolis of France

PARIS – In a solemn and touching service His Eminence Metropolitan Emmanuel of France ordained Anton Gelyasov to the Holy Diaconate at the St. Stephanos Greek Orthodox Cathedral of Paris on Sunday morning, February 10.

The newly ordained Deacon is 33 years old, married, and has graduated from the renowned St. Sergius Orthodox Theological Institute in Paris, France.

The St. Stephanos Cathedral was filled to capacity by faithful congregants who were cheerfully exclaiming “Axios!” (Worthy!) for the newly ordained Deacon of the Church.

Metropolitan Emmanuel co-celebrated with Archimandrite Alexis Milyutin, priest of the St. Nicholas church of Toulouse, and Protopresbyter Panagiotis Xenitelis, presiding priest of St. Stephanos Cathedral.

Metropolitan Emmanuel of France at the moment he ordained Anton Gelyasov to the Diaconate in the sanctuary of St. Stephanos Cathedral of Paris.
CREDIT: Curtesy Metropolis of France


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  2. Right, lamb chops for Greek Independence but no Turkey for Thanskgiving because it’s Advent

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