Two-Day Debate in Parliament on Constitutional Revision starts on Tuesday

(AP Photo/Yorgos Karahalis)

ATHENS – A two-day debate in Parliament on a Constitutional Revision began on Tuesday at 10:00 and is expected to be concluded with a roll cast vote on Thursday.

According to parliament rules, a proposal for an amendment of a section or article in the constitution needs to be approved by at least 151 deputies. If a proposal gets 151 votes but fewer than 180, then it will need to be backed by at least 180 deputies in the next parliament in order for the change to be applied.

Accordingly, if a proposal gets 180 votes in the upcoming voting procedure, then it will only need to pass the 150+ mark in the next parliament.

During the discussions that took place in the constitutional revision committee, which completed its work in 18 meetings over 2.5 months, the two largest parties found a common ground on six issues, with SYRIZA voting for two proposals made by main opposition New Democracy, which in turn gave a positive vote to five.