AHEPA Delphi Chapter 25 President Katsos Addresses AHEPA Hellas Midwinter Conference

(Photo by TNH/Constantine Sirigos)

Lou Katsos, President of AHEPA Delphi Chapter 25 in Manhattan, was honored to have been invted to address the AHEPA Hellas Midwinter Conference in Athens on February 9. 

He gave an informative and moving presentation on the history of AHEPA, emphasizing its establishment in 1922 as a response to prejudice and even violence directed at Greek-American immigrants in the early 20th century, and to foster mutual support and promote education. Ahepa thus helped build a foundation for the Greek-American success story. 

Katsos also told the story of the venerable Delphi Chapter which was resurrected through the efforts of Katsos and others led by past president Argyris Argitakos. From zero to now more than 271 members in four years, Delphi was recently acknowledged as the largest AHEPA chapter in the world. 

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  1. This guy ..doesn’t have a clue of what Ahepa Masons actually are doing…the only thing he knows…is that what was once an honorable attempt to help Greek immigrants to transition to a very hostile and bigoted society..which only tolerated Greeks and all the other minority ethnic groups ..to provide the labor and manpower they needed cheaply to built their empires…including two world wars ..they manufactured and created!

    There only function is to get new members from their recruiting ground ..the parishioners of our Greek Orthodox Churches, who , are genuinely proud of our Greek heritage and values …which were brought to America ..and did not remotely exist among the populace of America….to join falsely an organization that is merely a networking scam of Financial , legal and political opportunist to further their personal careers …by serving the interest of a bunch of Greek and Non Greek Masons…who represent the interests of political ruling parties of the U.S government …including making Greece subservient to those interests!

    The problem is…the recruited do not understand why they are not allowed to question the political narratives of their leaders, and are not even allowed to personally express their views..without retribution, if not acceptable to this cult!

    John F Kennedy…made a famous speech…warning Americans about the dangers of Secret Societies..with their own secret meetings and agendas..which in an alleged democracy are not needed

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