Billions of Dollars Paid for Medicare Services Not Rendered

(AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, File)

General public dissatisfaction with the health care system was demonstrated in the 2018 by-election. Consumer costs continue to rise much faster than the average inflation rate while performance remains unimpressive. The United States ranks last among developed nations in health care outcomes and in the past two years, our average life-span has decreased.

An article in the Wall Street Journal (January 5/6) shed light on a health care problem not widely acknowledged. Organizations that service the drug benefits aspect of Medicare …

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  1. Mr. Georgakas, you correctly inform the brain dead American Public…that the money ..they pass over to the most corrupt government in history..and in which 50 % of our revenue goes to a military wage economic, political , and military warfare against the entire world , that now feeds an economy built on perpetual wars….but leaving all Americans sick and unhealthy!

    Mr. it not TNH who endorsed and promoted Robert Menendez for senator of New Jersey , on behalf of the Greek Secret society of Ahepa Masons….who was disgracefully indicted for 18 counts of Bribery, Fraud, and provided lavish Gifts from a nice Jewish doctor, which included the pleasure of under age teenage prostitutes from the Dominican Republi?.

    He was found guilty of these violations by the Congress and Censored…but by a hung Jury and technicality avoided …50 years in Prison!

    Importantly, the Jewish doctor who bribed Menendez to prevent his indictment and conviction for Medicare fraud of millions of dollars….but failed….. is now serving a long sentence!

    The point is a corrupt Ahepan Mason of our government supported Medicare Fraud ..AND IS… in office because TNH…legitimized public corruption by endorsing Menendez!

    However, Menendez with TNH, have publically promoted regime changes in Venezuela, and threatening Tsipras and Greece to join them and the mobsters in Washington and Brussels!

    Thanks Dan..Menendez, Theros, and TNH…perfect together!

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