Abysmal Congress Reflects our Flawed 2-Party System

(AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

The latest Gallup Poll indicates that only 20% of Americans think Congress is doing a good job. In the first two years of Donald Trump’s presidency, those numbers haven’t changed much: month after month, they have hovered mostly in the low teens. With a Republican president and Republicans controlling both houses of Congress during that time, obviously Republicans are the problem. Except they’re only half the problem.
Exactly 10 years ago, Congress’ approval rating was 23% (again according to Gallup …

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  1. Mr. Scaros…so 80 % of the population thinks the corrupt Congress is still not doing a very good Job!

    Surprise , Surprise…. which in other Gallup Polls in 2014, revealed that 78% of the public considered the U.S government to be corrupt thru and thru….and International Gallup Polls of the countries of the world …revealed that the Greatest threat and danger to the peace of the world ..was the United States of America!

    Yet…these corrupt criminals, continue to do a good job…. to appropriate 800 billions dollars a year, to maintain and build more than 810 military bases around the world in 150 countries…to protect the financial assets and interest of their financial benefactors of most of the U.S congress and expanding their power by continuing a foreign policy ..now completely in control of the military, C.I.A , and State department ..to do whatever they want…for the Glory of America …to make her enemies…the enemies of all in the world..if the haven’t surrendered their sovereignty and cultures to these degenerates!

    The sad part ..is that the public does not have a clue to what makes these people so bad, thanks to the media collaborators of the secret society of White supremacist.racist..whose agenda…is clearly , beneficial to their media aristocratic elitist..for a subservient blob of countries ..to a ruling body of the wealthiest Anglo , Muslim and Jewish billionaires of the world ..who believe they are entitled to control the world!

  2. In a system of representative democracy
    The best you going to have is mediocrity
    For even though you do elect a candidate
    Every winner fails to follow the mandate.

  3. You are correct, Eleos, if we had a system of representative democracy! But we don’t…only political prostitutes who lie to the people..but serve the Global interests Aristocratic billionaires white supremacist!

    Scaros, has it right….a flawed two party system ..which drinks from the same well of corruption and money…which offers up candidates ..that are vetted and payed for by degenerates of Wall Street Bankers , Corporate and individual billionaires ..like Soros, Koch Brothers, Adelman etc and explains why the only agreement between these parties..is militarism and a Fascist regime change foreign policy to dominate the world economically, politically, and militarily…that has shamefully destroyed nations and their people…like now Venezuela!

    These parties only agree on a foreign policy based on the assumption that decisions made by the U.S.are binding on the rest of the world. Apart of time of war…no other nation has ever sought to prevent other nations from trading with each other. And the U.S. has also uniquely sought to penalize other countries for alleged crimes that did not occur in the U.S. and that did not involve American citizens, while also insisting that all nations must comply with whatever penalties are meted out by Washington!

    Donald Trump…publicly states he is waging a war on Socialism against our own government and the world …but doesn’t mention he is spreading fascism to do it!

  4. Scaros needs to read
    The Morality of Consent (Alexander M. Bickel , 1977, Yale).
    Bickel was Bork’s mentor.

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