Safety, Comfort, Convenience, and Professionalism Drives Taxi Knossos

(Photo by Eurokinissi/Stefanos Rapanis)

The president of Taxi Knossos, Manolis Psilakis spoke to The National Herald about his company and the changes the taxi industry is undergoing.

He began with a comprehensive list of the services that make the company competitive:

24 hour service and support
V.I.P. transport
Passenger pick-up from harbors and airports to a specific drop-off zone.
Planned trips
Credit card payments accepted
Secure transportation of personal items without the customer needing to be there to supervise
Polyglot drivers
Drivers adhere to a dress code
Beloved pet(s) are transported with care
Children are transported by drivers who pay strict attention to safety and comfort criteria, including providing car seats for children of all ages
Free WiFi in all of the vehicles
Transfer of people with disabilities through pre-booking

Asked why a person should choose Taxi Knossos, which was founded in 1979. Psilakis said that customers prefer Taxi Knossos because it is the largest taxi company in Crete, with a fleet of 300 vehicles based in Heraklion that travel to every corner of the island. With experienced personnel who have a deep knowledge of the services they provide, Taxi Knossos evokes a sense of security, comfort, and confidence in its customers.

The taxi field in Greece, as in all other European countries, is in a transitional phase, he said, emphasizing the rise of independent private drivers (non-taxi) who want to provide the same services Taxi Knossos does without the necessary prerequisites and record keeping.

Psilakis said, “There are companies that work with these drivers in order to cut corners and thereby cut costs when it comes to providing transportation. Taxi Knossos has up to date information about its employees’ driving records and monitors violations of Greek and EU rules and the company is in full compliance with the EU’s General Data Protection and Regulation (GDPR). We offer transportation with certified personal drivers in accordance with Greek law and our fares are approved by the Greek government. We also have a sophisticated vehicle search capability through either a mobile app (Android or iOS) or our website.”