Employees at UN Offices to Get a Taste of Ionian Island Cuisine at One-Week Event

Aerial view of Vienna International Centre, which houses the UNOV. (Photo by Wikimedia/bert Ortner, Vienna, Austria - Own work)

VIENNA – Employees at the Vienna offices of the United Nations will have the chance to taste recipes from the cuisine of the Ionian islands for a week starting Monday, February 11, it was announced on Friday.

Traditional recipes from the islands, known as “the Heptanese islands” in Greek (from “hepta” or “seven”), will be prepared by chefs from the islands and available to 4,500 UN employees originating from 130 countries at the UN offices restaurant. Besides tasting traditional Ionian island dishes, the employees will also have the opportunity to get acquainted with the region through promotional tourist material (posters, leaflets, videos, etc.) available at a designated area of the restaurant.

It is estimated that approximately 2,000 UN employees, a high economic level target group, will be thus exposed to the western Greek islands’ gastronomy and culture.