Anastasiades Will Propose Cyprus Unity Talks Laundry List

FILE - Greek Cypriot leader, Nicos Anastasiades, arrives at the begining of a new round of the conference on Cyprus under the auspices of the United Nations, in Crans-Montana, Switzerland, Wednesday, June 28, 2017. (Jean-Christophe Bott/Keystone via AP)

NICOSIA – With Cyprus unity talks dead in the water for 18 months, President Nicos Anastasiades has suggested he and Turkish-Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci draw up a list of where they agree and don’t as a way to vet items and restart the negotiations.

Anastasiades walked away from the last round in July, 2017 at the Swiss resort of Crans-Montana when Akinci and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said they would never remove an army on the northern third occupied since an unlawful 1974 invasion and demanded the right to militarily intervene.

With United Nations Secretary-General – who was at the Swiss debacle – having sent American diplomat Jane Holl Lute to talk to both sides, Anastasiades will propose drafting a documents of disagreements and agreements when he meets Akinc this month, the Cyprus News Agency said, citing government sources it didn’t identify.

The sources said there was a need “to record the convergences, draft a document and sit down to discuss in a methodical manner,” without explaining why or if that wasn’t done during the last round of exhaustive talks that were done in secret, keeping information from Cypriots and Turkish-Cypriots whose lives would be affected by any decisions.

Anastasiades is also expected to call on the Turkish side to submit in writing its positions regarding the six parameters drawn up by Guterres that would be subject to a final settlement and be the road map for any new talks, with Akinci warning the island is otherwise headed for permanent partition.

In a written statement after the two leaders communicated by phone, Akinci’s spokesman Baris Burcu said the Turkish Cypriot leader expects Anastasiades to bring proposals to the table, the report said.

Turkish-Cypriot media said Burcu said Akinci made clear during the phone call that he expects Anastasiades to come ready to propose ideas regarding decentralization, with Anastasiades said to having agreed.

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  1. The document could be brief, stating that the Turks want to keep their army and their Turkish settlers of the last forty years on the island as a constant threat to the Greeks of Cyprus–and the Greeks of Cyprus do not want that.

    I say that the Greeks of Cyprus should avoid any deal that accepts those outrages.

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