Cyprus Joins in Blocking EU Russian Nuke Condemnation

FILE - Delegations of US Secretary of State John Kerry, Britain's Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, , left side from left, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, center right, and former EU foreign pilicy chief Catherine Ashton, center,sit around the negotiations table during their talks on Iran, in Vienna, Austria, Monday, Nov. 24, 2014. (AP Photo/Joe Klamar, Pool)

A planned statement on the collapse of the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty was blocked by non-NATO member European Union countries including Cyprus because it was apparently too tough on Russia, already under sanctions, said Politico.

Cyprus has been accused previously of going easy on Russia, wanting to keep money from oligarchs flowing into Cypriot banks accused of being a tax haven for criminal funds and money laundering.

Foreign Minister Nicos Christodoulides said: “There was a common position adopted in a silence procedure, which was not accepted by one member-state. Not Cyprus. Then there was a new plan, which was rejected by Sweden, Austria, Ireland, Greece, and Cyprus, while other member-states believed it to also be unsatisfactory.”

The report said this was likely done in exchange for Russia’s support at the UN Security Council for the extension of UNFICY’s peacekeeping mandate for another six months on the island that’s been divided since an unlawful 1974 Turkish invasion.

With the EU requiring votes be unanimous, it’s become difficult for the bloc to make any decisions.

“I have been a skeptic, but after the disarray of the last few days on a series of issues I think we must seriously consider abandoning the unanimity rule when deciding EU foreign policy on certain issues,” said Carl bildt, Co-Chair European Council on Foreign Relations.


  1. How pathetic… the EU Council of foreign relations…who supported the breaking of International laws and the U.N. charter by the United States …to despicably overturn the election of the president of Venezuela…and to hand pick his replacement …and ignore the will of 9 million Venezuelan on May 20th, 2018!

    Only White supremacist elitist in New York Times, Washington Post and CNN….can portray this as some sort of humanitarian effort…and not what it is ….degenerate fascism!.

    Democrat Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii..and Iraq war veteran now running for President of the United States….highlights who Cyprus has stood up against….and what Tsipras has surrendered the sovereignty of Greece to … in her campaign speech……

    “Stand up against a President who bows to the wishes of the neocons around him, clamoring for regime change wars in Venezuela and Iran.

    Stand up against those who dishonor our troops, treating them as political pawns, and mercenaries-for-hire in wars around the world.

    Stand against powerful politicians from both parties who sit in ivory towers thinking up new wars to wage and new places for people to die. Wasting trillions of dollars, hundreds of thousands of lives, undermining our economy and security, and destroying our middle class.

    These self-serving politicians are dragging us from one regime change war to the next, exacerbating the New Cold War, and pushing us to the brink of a nuclear war. This is not America!


    1. To finish my post …. Mr. Patrick Theros…more testimony against you . by a women who will be the first women president of the United States someday…and will rally America to wake up …and understand who the greatest threat to peace and humanity is….a bunch of degenerate white supremacist billionaires ..who own every department of our government and the news media …to fool the American wage war against the world!

      And while the degenerates in our media…have already begun there propaganda smears now even calling Tulsi Gabbard ……a Russian Agent discredit her…it only provides more evidence..of media collusion to commit acts of sedition and treason represent the interest of corrupt politicians!

      The indictment and prosecution by a reformed Justice department for treason and crimes against peace and humanity,…will also be forthcoming against corrupt members of our government ..simply for lying to the populace…and that includes members of the press…as conspirators to treason…to sell these lies and wars!

      Soon, Mr. Patrick Theros…soon!

    2. Michael,
      You are absolutely correct in your assessment. More Greeks should support you in this matter. Greece is losing its cherished independence having to support whatever the EU and NATO dictates

  2. Sadly, Nikos…Greece has already lost its sovereignty and independence to the EU and U.S led Nato enforcers surrendered by a parliament that is so corrupt on all sides of the parliament…and only concerned with retaining their ruling powers by being subservient to the new alliance of Communist and Fascist in the democratic and Republican parties of America and the EU…who agree on only one thing…the control of the economic , political , and military sovereignty of not just Greece but the entire world!

    Today, this parliament supporting U.S military personal with Greek military forces to cooperate on joint military excercises ..allegedly for Anti Terrorism threats…in the mythical war on terrorism ..which is simply ..a pretext for U.S forces to enter sovereign nations and occupy them !

    These forces are not practicing to fight any outside threats to Greece…but to suppress any acts of civil disobedience by Greeks…to the blatant treason of their government! Greeks will not be considered freedom fighters or legitimate patriots protesting the policies of their government…like the Yellow Vests in France demanding the removal of an other EU and U.S puppet Macron,or the Brexit supporters demanding their freedom from the EU unelected dictators of Europe…but Terrorist!

    America is done…and we are impotent to stop them…only Russia and China are left ..with the ability to obstruct their fascist march…which we have witnessed for 25 years!

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