Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew Said to Plan Reorganization of Three Archdioceses

FILE - Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I, the spiritual leader of the world's Orthodox Christians. (AP Photo/Lefteris Pitarakis)

BOSTON – Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew is preparing to make changes and reorganize at least three archdioceses the National Herald has learned.

Specifically, it is expected, as well informed TNH sources say, that the Patriarch will finish with the pending issue of the replacement of Archbishop Demetrios of America. Three times the Patriarch has asked the Archbishop to voluntarily submit his resignation, but he has refused to do so. Last November Bartholomew granted a third and final extension to Demetrios to submit his resignation by Easter, otherwise the Patriarch, the sources assert, will have no other choice but to replace him by electing him to a metropolis in Asia Minor that existed in the past but became defunct after the Asia Minor disaster.

The second Archdiocese in which changes will be made is the Archdiocese of Thyatira and Great Britain since Archbishop Gregorios is more than 90-years old and where there are quite a few problems. A few months ago Bartholomew made an incognito visit to England and saw the situation first-hand. The Patriarch is contemplating its division into two ecclesiastical entities, electing two archbishops or one archbishop and one metropolitan. There is also the possibility that the new Archbishop may come from the United States.

Changes are also in the works for the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia, since Archbishop Stylianos has become ill, as the Patriarch informed the hierarchs of the Phanar at the beginning of January.

There is also the thought that the Archdiocese of Australia will be divided into two parts, North and South, and even three, with elections of three new primates.

TNH is informed that changes in the metropolises of Turkey should not be ruled out.

In the meantime, the recent granting of Autocephaly to the Orthodox Church of Ukraine has created cracks in the relationships between the Ecumenical Patriarchate with the prelates of the oldest and newest Patriarchates, and with the autocephalous and autonomous Churches that are under the influence of the Patriarchate of Moscow and which refuse to recognize the newly elected Metropolitan Epiphanios of Autocephalous Orthodox Church of Ukraine.

It is believed at the Phanar that with the passing of time that issue will be resolved, and that they will reconsider and finally recognize Epiphanios so that the unity of the Orthodox Church around the World will not be shaken.

The National Herald has also learned that a specific Russian jurisdiction in the United States is contemplating creating Greek-speaking parishes or even dioceses in various parts of the country where priests who speak the Greek language fluently will be appointed. Representatives are searching for a Roman Catholic or Protestant church which is for sale and there is even consideration for building a church in Massachusetts.


  1. Did anyone read that last paragraph?. Greek speaking parishes under the Russian archdiocese in the US. I think people are fed up with our situation and are about to make a big move. Sad that it’s come to this.

    1. Apparently…Bartholomew is a C.I.A mole and operative…fulfilling his job of dividing and conquering the Orthodox Church …to be subservient the ruling state…like they have done in the Ukraine!

      Anybody, who creates a schism of the Orthodox Church…and silent to the pleas of Orthodox Christians and their clergy in Syria, .to stop his U.S masters in recruiting and arming Sunni Muslim religious fanatics with Saudi Arabia , Qatar ( Patrick Theros..former business partners} Turkey ,and UAE from slaughtering Orthodox Christians to overthrow the elected President of Syria.. has no legitimacy as the leader of the Orthodox church!

      Lets be clear….as a made in America citizen of Greek ancestry… I resent TNH or anybody else continuing to refer to me …as a” Greek American” …because unless I was born in my wonderful Great Grandparents immigrants, it is an insult to all Greeks…in making them liable for any deviate and degenerate actions of Americans, who do not remotely reflect the values of Greeks, but those of an Anglo white supremacist society!

      To this end….as an American of the Orthodox faith…Bartholomew ..has never mean’t anything to me ..until he violated the sanctity of the Original church of Christ, by serving not Christ ,…but degenerate criminal members of my country and government…who make a living out of dividing the religious and ethnic people of the world!

      Bart has never been our leader ..only Christ and his…

    2. Michael G, before your passion leads you to a busted blood vessel, it needs to be directed toward learning the convoluted, colorful history of the Byzantine (“Orthodox”) Empire. There have been terrible betrayals, unholy alliances, pompous stupidity, and great devotion, too. There is nothing new here.

      Distinguish for yourself the difference between religion and faith.
      God loves you and He alone judges the living and the dead. Guard and cherish your faith.

    3. Canon Spuds needs to stop viewing the Byzantines from the viewpoint of latin autocrats. Download and read Vikelas (1890) from to see Byzantium was the most democratic state of its time. Imprerial decrees were vetoed by the Senat, which also imeached emperors. The entire fiction of Orthodox Autocracy derives from a German Catherine the Great and her correspondence with Diderot.

    4. Yes, Greek-speaking parishes under the Russian Archdiocese is what is clearly needed.

      Anyone who’s paying attention to the mess that Constantinople has created knows that Patr Bartholomew and his senior advisers are off their rocker. He’s gone full-throttle toward eventual full communion with Rome (without Rome repenting of its own heresies) and thus becoming Uniate. If you’re OK with this, then fine, stay with him. But anyone who is faithful to Christ and to our Holy Orthodox Faith needs to get out from under Patr Bartholomew’s omophorion ASAP.

      Read about Fr Nicholas Pekatoros of blessed memory — a saintly Greek who served in the Russian Orthodox Church in Washington D.C. for decades. He reposed in the late 1990s, but older Greeks in the Washington DC area went to him regularly for advice and confession and honored him like a living saint.

      The Russian Orthodox Church is far more multinational than the Patriarchate of Constantinople ever is or was. The liturgy is celebrated in more than 120 languages worldwide in churches of the Russian Patriarchate.

      Since the Patriarchate of Constantinople decided to leave Orthodoxy to throw its lot in with Rome, the faithful Greek Orthodox in America need to go somewhere. Under the omophorion of the Church of Russia is a wise and sensible option.

      Bravo to the Russian Church for spearheading the creation of Greek-speaking parishes in America!!!

    5. The comments of Στέφανος are quite perplexing. As i understand Mr. Στέφανος would rather be a servant of the Russian Patriarch who in turn is a puppet of the Russian State and its President, because he disagrees with the Patriarch who has expressed interest in developing a dialogue with our catholic cousins.
      I am not a big fan of Bartholomew or Demetrius in the US. In fact i am not a fan of the entire hierarchy of the church. It needs to be reform and through out imperial vestiges that still are very prominent in our hierarchy. But to change one “despot for another” is not the correct way . Better to be to the service of the CIA, than the KGB/FSB, after all the CIA is looking out for OUR country.

  2. They all need to go. No more talk. All must go from the Patriarch of Constantinople to all the hierarchs insert him.

  3. The Orthodox world is running out of patience with Bartholomew’s despotic rule and terrorism. The silent majority are not going to follow him into the abyss of his ecumenism. Greeks are not buying into his brand of Orthodoxy and are desperately looking for a way out even if it means joining the Russian church. I am seeing #notmypatriarch movement happening around the world.

  4. Why Greek speaking? To attract the minority of Greek speaking Orthodox in the GOA or those of Greek descent who see the local parish as an ethnic/social center? Certainly, I enjoy the services in Greek, and even understand the Greek of the services more than most but…..what about some radical changes to attract the non-Greek spouses in the so-called mixed marriages that have made up at least 75% of the weddings in the GOA for several decades (and maybe even bring back some of their Greek spouses who have left the faith)? What a novel idea that would be!

    1. Exactly. We are blessed to attend a GOA parish that is very open and ethnically diverse, with a pastor who is first and foremost concerned with Christ. The answer lies closer to something like many OCA parishes I have been to – the best of ethnic traditions respected but open to the world and centered on the Gospel not the ethnos. I have seen too many examples of Greeks and Russians worshipping the Undivided Trinity together to believe that any of us should accept the answer lies with continuation of ghettos.

  5. Hmmmm….no mention of the possible replacement for Archbishop Demetrios. If it’s Metropolitan Emmanuel of France that creates another vacancy to fill.

    1. Alex and the Sycophantic Archons , Arch Council and Billionaire boys club can’t wait for the Stooge in Chief Emanuel (made in USA) to show up, so they can run him around the US. Bart as a change agent and organizational redesign expert making secret trips to UK. A real James Bond. What a joke this entire deal is ! Laughable.


    2. Hellenic Revised Dictionary:

      sychophant, noun, ass-kisser, as in archon ass-kissers of all the black robes and archdiocese spiritual advisers.

  6. For a good assessment of what is happening in Ukraine thanks to Bartholomew’s ‘autocephaly’ for the schismatic Ukrainian ‘Orthodox’ Church Kiev Patriarchate go to this excellent website. What’s happening to these people in the canonical church is a travesty thanks to Bartholomew.

    There is a simultaneous translation into English.

    This is an excellent website which details the horrific events prior to and continuing now after Bartholomew’s granting of autocephaly to the schismatic Ukrainian ‘Orthodox’Church of Ukraine. The canonical church has lost countless churches to this new rogue church. Priests and laity have been beaten by thugs with police standing by. In some cases the Uniates have been giving a helping hand. The website also has numerous videos on YouTube. Bartholomew will go down in history as one of the worst patriarchs ever.

    1. Lo Man Cy is right! OCA means Russian or pan-Slav when they say American. Unfortunately our church has fallen to them. Even Astoria has replaced the old textbooks with SVS blather. We need to scan the old Cavadas Pomfret books to because our churches aren’t going to be around much longer.

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