Analysis: How are Our Seminarians and Priests Selected?

Fr. Luke Melackrinos TNH/Costas Bej

It seems to be an open secret that so many problems in the …

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  1. Let us not forget some of the monks that have become priests. Monks from monasteries known for abusing their monks.

  2. Fr Taso Diakovasilis, of blessed memory, had attended a mediocre seminary and came to America. Archbishop Iakovos sent him to Fordham while employing him as a sexton in Astoria. Iakovos demanded clergy have graduate degrees. The problem is so few people really want to go to our seminaries, they take anybody. In Greece they go to seminary because, not having been able to get into other schools, it is at leas a college degree. We have degree inflation.

    1. Fr. Anastasios Diakovasilis was a great man and one of the best chanters I’ve ever heard. I had the pleasure of having him and his Presbytera on our flight to Greece one year and he was so good with my 3 sons and so tireless that anyone who witnessed it new he was a special man. They don’t make them like this anymore.

  3. At the end of the day, the primary skill needed to be a priest in a parish is leadership (secular and spiritual) skills. No substantive leadership courses have ever been integrated, taught, and refresher courses make mandatory at the seminary or the entire GOA system. The priests go from Yiayia’s kitchen into a parish that requires a host of skills leading the flock successfully. Our guys are mostly underwhelming and overwhelmed from day one.

    Surprise, surprise…the Orthodox military chaplains by far and away have their acts together, right down to shined shoes, looking and acting the part with command presence. They are a group of whom the hierarchy is very wary. Their paycheck and orders come from Uncle Sam and there isn’t 50m missing from their pension fund or kickbacks to enraged overstuffed sloppy Metros for favors and assignments.

    The Thayer Leadership Training Institute at West Point is just across the bridge from St Basil. That institute teaches leadership to half of corporate America. Do you think any of our hierarchs would ever have a genuinely transformative idea like that? Hell no!

    But, unfortunately, it’s too late for any of that to take hold for the future. Our Christmas Goose is cooked and we’ll all be Mormons in a generation or two. Believe it.

    Thus endeth the lesson.

    1. Good points, Jesus led from the middle of the circle, not the top of a pyramid. He was first to the gunfire and the last to eat.

      Leaders eat last, say the Marines.

      “Please get the Metropolitan another order of Eggs Benedict and some home fries”, is our motto.

    2. Arch thanks. It’s a shame that our hierarchs have no mission, no code of honor, no code of conduct that they would give their lives for, such as our US military. There are a lot of words about Christ, but truly very, very little to point to in terms of practice and results.

      Christ, in any era, would not be on this earth looking like a princeling with robes and gold. Nor would he be living in sumptuous quarters. He’d probably come from a slum and be poor. Remember, He was born in a stable to an unwed girl. Not exactly Topkapi Palace.

      To others, Chesty P (above) refers to Chesty Puller, the most decorated Marine of all time.

      To others yet, the Eggs Benedict reference above is to a Metro, a glutton of the first order, who has to be seen to be believed when he is ordering in Jersey Turnpike diners.

      Patience, it’s all ending soon. Keep your money in your wallets, the sucker punch is coming with new straw boss Manny of Europe and his chief advisor, who is not St. Nicholas.

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