Letter to the Editor: Decency and Civility Must Begin at the Top

President Donald Trump listens during a meeting with Hispanic pastors in the Roosevelt Room of the White House in Washington, Friday, Jan. 25, 2019. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)


To the Editor:

Mr. Scaros’ recent article concerning the absence of decency and civility in today’s discourse omits one most necessary observation. Decency and civility start at the top and cannot be compromised. It’s a required common denominator in civil society, regardless of political affiliations or viewpoints. Unfortunately, those in the top echelon of government today continue with disrespectful rhetoric which gives apparent license to some of the governed to do the same. Results are, therefore, not surprising. The connection is clear, and not puzzling whatsoever. The source is unmistakable.

This distain for Trump emanates not so much from his conservative viewpoints, which often do have merit, however shallow or poorly informed. The problem comes from his delivery consisting of a typically insulting tweet, complete with hideously bad spelling (hamburder, anyone?), terrible grammar, and a complete surprise to those who surround him as “advisors” and cabinet members. Seriously, this passes for “policy”?  Does any rational and thinking human being really believe “he alone” has the answers? Then, for good measure, it’s followed by a sophomoric name for the target of his wrath.  It’s a pathetic and imbecilic pattern for someone who is considered leader of the free world. Because he relishes and propagates this clear and ignorant incivility, others of the same base mentality (many, unfortunately) quickly follow suit.

Worse, as Ambassador Theros writes in “The Unnecessary President,” his actions are largely damaging and not needed. They are born of political self-dealing, not thoughtful consideration of any situation at hand and a reasoned solution to it. For example, who doesn’t want our troops home from Syria? That’s noble and right, isn’t it? Now, put that in a tweet before telling your military commanders and discussing the apparent consequences privately with them and others with specialty service who clearly understand this situation better than he. This omission isn’t normal. It’s crazed and outright dangerous to those selflessly serving there.

As someone who attended and graduated from The Wharton School at U. Penn, same as Trump, I hardly wish the guy ill. My classmates were all intensely interested in the news of the day, their work, doing a good job, and being friendly and decent themselves. Trump is the classmate who shows up on Spruce Street in Philly riding in dad’s limo, doesn’t participate in classwork, comments only about himself and his embellished escapades, and contributes nothing of value to any discussion, only offering dry boasts. Unfortunately for us, if your father writes a big enough check to the University, you’re in, disrespectful incompetency and all. That’s him. The rest of us were required to get in, do the work, and graduate on the merits… fortunately.

Thomas Frangos

Boston, MA


  1. This dude in the White House offers no decency, honest, or charity to anyone. We can tell that from his comments about women, handicapped people, immigrants, blacks, the stupid, ineffective “Wall”,, and a host of other peoples and causes. He is not fit to be in the White House, as the Blue Wave indicated. All those who thought he would change were so very wrong.

    1. You are right, Anthony…all of us who thought he would change were so very wrong!

      And that is what you support….but not what Donald Trump was elected to do ….

      1. clean out the swamp of corrupt globalist members of the government …representing the Anglo White Supremacist class of Billionaires who now own the government to represent their interests…but instead Trump fills the swamp with maniacs ..like Mike Pompeio, John Bolton, Nicki Halley, Mattis and an unending army of former C.i.A operatives to do what he said he was not going to do …

      lets see…stop a criminal foreign policy of Regime changes of the independent countries of the world..like Syria, libya, Iraq, Afganistan, Yemen, lebanon, Somalia….and threatening Iran , Venezuela, North Korea, .Russia , and China etc. etc.

      Lets see… improving relations with Russia…which he has completely reneged on, and has imposed economic warfare against Russia, withdrawn from a treaty which prevents the use of Nuclear weapons on the citizens of Europe and Russia! And is waging war…by blackmailing the foreign countries of the world …to not buy Russian oil and gas!

      He also…has announced that the cold war has been successfully restored….and you should be happy to know …that the 26 trillion dollar debit of his war economy is about to get even larger ..by inciting a new arms race with Russia and China!
      You should love his guy for doing what you love, but not part of your secret club! of…

  2. Mr. Frangos..written like a true white supremacist aristocrat of the Greek Secret Societies of Masons..who for the “Glory of America” support any criminal government policy of the ruling party..including “REGIME CHANGE of the leaders of independent countries of the world …including now…Donald Trump!

    Anybody…who honors himself ..as a graduate of one of the prestigious capitalist schools of America..which like our government and political parties…prostitutes its academic standards..as you admit…to serve Anglo White supremacist future financial robber Barons of the world…and then evokes Patrick Theros …as a voice of reason….to suggest that Decency and Civility,.begins with the President of the United States…is delusional!

    No..Mr. Frangos…is begins with the inferior and deplorable peasants citizens of America and Greece…not by the traitors..like you and Mr. Theros!

    It begins when ..members of our government, including the presidents of the last 25 years ..are held accountable for an indecent and uncivilized ..foreign policy of perpetual war crimes ..to enact regime changes of foreign countries, like Venezuela!.

    It begins ..with making , fellow financial graduates like you ..accountable for raping the treasury of America..to fund now ..the dropping of one bomb every 12 minutes of the day ..on some country of the world ..and resulting in the deaths of millions of foreign races…and a debt of 27 trillion dollars!

    Sadly, decency is dead!

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