Is the Skopje Issue Really an Unnecessary Dispute Mr. Anastasiadis?

Cyprus' president Nicos Anastasiades, right, and Greece's prime minister Alexis Tsipras review a military guard of honor before their meeting at the presidential palace in capital Nicosia, Cyprus, Wednesday, Jan. 30, 2019. (AP Photo/Petros Karadjias)

It is difficult to psychoanalyze the support for Alexis Tsipras of Nikos Anastasiades, the conservative President of Cyprus.

However, it is not difficult for each of us to realize that such unnecessary but provocative interventions undermine the preservation of brotherly relations between Greek and Greek Cypriot parties and – above all – the peoples, which everybody must avoid in every way.

On Wednesday Mr. Anastasiades congratulated Mr. Tsipras because, he said, with the ratification of the Prespes …

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1 Comment

  1. What is so difficult to psychoanalyze what Nikos Anastasiades , the president of Cyprus has done!

    It is blatantly clear …these corrupt frauds and traitors to Greeks. are part of the Secret Society of White Supremacist Aristocrates….who now own the United States , EU and Nato countries .and have systematically…surrendered the economic, political , cutural values and military sovereignty and control to these degenerate sadist in order to remain in power ..and continue ..their function of Wardens of their prisons!

    Anastasiidis the undeclared warden of Cyprus ..for the Anglo colonialist of England and United States..and that is why .Cyprus is portrayed as a Floating Aircraft Carrier in the Mediterranean..manned by the English, Turks and United States of Nato…who allows Nato launch illegal and war crimes bombings of the people of the Middle East …from the English bases in Cyprus! No one in the world ..would tolerate this ..except for Mr. Anastasiadis!

    On behalf of his masters….of course…he is going to praise Tsipras for not obstructing another rogue country becoming ..another military base like Cyprus! This is how the EU and Nato …have done what Nazi Germany and Mrs Merkel relatives.. could not do..with guns…take over the countries of Europe..and where patriotic nationalist are considered enemies of the people!

    Real Greeks…and not apologist like secret society Greeks masons…need to remove these two stooges , Eu, and…

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