Pavlopoulos Attends 75-Year Anniversary of ‘Adria’ Destroyer’s Journey to Alexandria

Source: ANA-MPA

ATHENS – On Thursday, President of the Republic Prokopios Pavlopoulos  attended an event at the Floating Naval Museum Battleship Averof in Floisvos, Faliro, which marked 75 years since the day that the legendary destroyer “Adrias” succeeded in reaching the port of Alexandria, Egypt after a mine had blown away its bow and 21 members of its crew were lost.

The destroyer struck a mine near the island of Kalymnos on October 22, 1943 but thanks to the heroic actions of its captain and crew, the “Adrias” managed to reach its port of destination on December 6, 1943, after covering a distance of 730 nautical miles.

The “Adrias” destroyer was a Type III Hunt-class destroyer that belonged to the United Kingdom’s Royal Navy before it was loaned to the Greek Navy.


Source: ANA-MPA

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