Greek Parliament to Ratify FYROM’s NATO Accession

(AP Photo/Yorgos Karahalis)

ATHENS (AP) — Greece’s government says it will bring the NATO accession agreement for FYROM to parliament for ratification “in the coming days.”

Officials will then formally inform the neighboring country, a process that will automatically bring into effect the Balkan country’s name change to North Macedonia.

Government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos on Thursday described Greek lawmakers’ recent ratification of the name deal as of “historic importance,” noting it ends a 27-year dispute.

Athens argued use of the term Macedonia implied territorial claims on its own northern province of the same name and usurped Greek history and culture. It had blocked its neighbor’s efforts to join NATO due to the dispute.

Under a deal signed last year, the country changes its name to North Macedonia and Greece drops its objections to NATO membership.

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  1. So what…all they do indict themselves for Treason representing the interests of foreign countries …and in surrendering the sovereignty of Greece to the U.S , Nato , and the EU!

    If Greeks oppose them …they should remove them from office! Take the name of every member of this Parliament who votes to ratify …this act of treason …and vote them out of office!

    However…even those who do not vote to ratify it…;should be removed from office!

    This is called “Scorched Earth” …political warfare…which burns down everything old …like burning grass …to let new and healthy grass grow!

    If you do not make these people all accountable.for what they have done….you have sold out every Greek who ever died ..over 4000 years to defend the will of the people of Greece!..

    Greece is a dictatorship…. under the complete control of foreign degenerates in the United STates , EU, and Nato!

    And if you do not understand this …just look at what they are capable of doing countries ..half way around the world in Venezuela…to dictate who the leaders are to be…to take over their economic, political, and military sovereignty!

    The have no respect for International laws of transcribed by the UN…and they are soulless degenerate sadist ..who encourage wars and economic depravation of the countries they wish to take Greece!
    Remove them all …the President and Parliament of Greece, and who they serve .U..S.,…

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