Letter to the Editor: The Macedonian Question and the Imperialist Plans of the US-EU-NATO

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, right and his FYROM counterpart Zoran Zaev, in the village of Psarades, Prespes Greece, on Sunday, June 17, 2018. (AP Photo/Yorgos Karahalis, FILE)

To the Editor:

On Friday, the self-described “leftist” government of SYRIZA, having lost their junior coalition partner ANEL, was able to garner the necessary votes to pass the Tsipras-Zaev Agreement. FYROM will now be renamed the Republic of North Macedonia, paving the way for its entry into the EU and NATO.

Protests have gripped Athens and other parts of Greece. Nationalists proclaim that “Macedonia is Greek” while Fascists graffiti the meandros and white power cross. The members of the neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn, who idolize Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich, seem to have had no issue when Macedonia and Western Thrace were given to Bulgaria as a gift for their collaboration with the invasion and occupation of Greece during World War II.

The Macedonian question is more than just history and language. Anachronistic overtures highlight the deficiency of serious historical study of the region. Macedonia as a geographic region in Ottoman times incorporated parts of Greece, FYROM, Serbia, Bulgaria and Albania. The Treaty of Bucharest (1913), which concluded the Second Balkan War, divided the entire region of Macedonia between Greece, Serbia and Bulgaria.

Rather, it is FYROM’s geostrategic importance that is at the very heart of this agreement. US-EU-NATO plans for the region, measured in the blood of the Balkan’s peoples, are a continuation of the illegal imperialist wars that destroyed Yugoslavia and created small ethno-states and protectorates. Military bases like Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo are only the beginning.

This deal does nothing to solve the major issues facing not only the people of Greece but the peoples of the entire Balkans as highlighted by the Greek Communist Party (KKE). Perpetual war, militarism, and imperialist adventurism in the region only stoke nationalism, irredentism and fascism. It is time to say no to the plans of US-EU-NATO imperialism in the region.

Christopher J. Helali

Athens, Greece


  1. Mr. Helali….you have done …what TNH..and mainstream media .. have not done.for the Greek Community and all the citizens of the world! You have exposed not just the imperialistic plans of the EU, Nato and the United States for the Balkan regions …but the entire world!

    More importantly…you have merely confirmed ..what International Gallup Polls of the countries of the world reveal…”THAT THE GREATEST THREAT AND DANGER TO WORLD PEACE…IS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

    No ,Mr. Helali…the blood thirst for economic, political, and military control of the independent countries of the world…is not limited to just the Balkans and Eastern Europe, but the entire world by a new Global alliance of the most degenerate sadist on the planet of this Earth..comprised of Anglo White Supremacist Regimes… ..and former British subjects..U.S. , Canada, Australia, and England…with their buddies from Saudi Arabia and Israel…who have turned the Middle East into their personal playground for the slaughter of humanity…and wishing to duplicate in Europe!

    They have turned the leaders and government of the EU and Nato countries …into traitors of their people ..to promote their billianaire white supremacist Global plans…which has been enabled by a corrupt and collaborative media aristocracy …which promotes Regime change propaganda campaign…that forments wars and unrest ..in the independent countries of the world…like now ..Venezuela.and our own country!

    1. “The ‘divide and conquer strategy’ has been widely used throughout history. Both the Roman empire and the British empire played small tribes and groups against one another in order to control their lands and territories. A staple political strategy, divide and conquer is still used by many countries today.”

  2. What is fascism and imperialism …is when Donald Trump ..the President of the United States can say….that he does not like the elected leader of Venezuela…and does not consider him the legitimate President of the sovereign nation of Venezuela ..and, selects a member of the Venezuela government to replace the elected leader of the sovereign country of Venezuela! Hey TNH…what does a coup mean…when a foreign country intervenes ..in changing the elected government of Venezuela

    He then proceed with Anglo White supremacist of England, and in violation of International laws by attacking Venezuela economically and threatening military war…by withholding 1.5 billion dollars of Gold of the country of Venezuela stored in the bank of England …and confiscating 14 billion dollars of the assets of Venezuela!

    Then ..he demands and gets the Fascist regime of the EU and Nato to comply with the coup as follow….

    ‘The leaders EU council…, say they will follow the U.S. and others in recognizing unknown and unelected Guaido as president unless Venezuela calls a new presidential election within eight days.
    The European Union’s foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini, said that if there is no announcement of a new election in the next days, the 28-nation bloc “will take further actions,

    1. Truth: President Nicolás Maduro is the legitimate president.

    President Maduro was re-elected on May 20, 2018, in response to the opposition demanding an early election.

  3. Sorry , TNH…if you and your corrupt journalist at the New York Times and Washington post did your job..I wouldn’t have to support Mr. Helali ..and have to piece together ..and expose your complicity in a degenerate march against the people of the world ..to turn their cultures ..into historic dinosaurs ..and make way for the New Culture of the Anglo White supremacist billionaires!.

    Mr Maduro ..is the legitimate elected leader of Venezuela., by its constitution, its people, and International certfication as follows:

    The election was scheduled consistent with the Venezuelan Constitution and in consultation with opposition parties. When it became evident that the opposition could not win the election, they decided, under pressure from the United States, to boycott the election in order to undermine its legitimacy. The facts are 9,389,056 people voted, 46% of eligible voters. Sixteen parties participated in the election with six candidates competing for the presidency.

    The electoral process was observed by more than 150 election observers. This included 14 electoral commissions from eight countries among them the Council of Electoral Experts of Latin America; two technical electoral missions; and 18 journalists from different parts of the world, among others. According to the international observers, “the elections were very transparent and complied with international parameters and national legislation.”

    Sadly, TNH ..has left this out…and the EU…

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