On the Unforgettable Archbishop Christodoulos

TNH’s Publisher/Editor Mr. Antonis H. Diamataris with the late Archbishop of Athens and All Greece Christodoulos. (Photo: TNH Archive)

11 years ago – it seems as if it were yesterday – Christodoulos, Archbishop of Athens and All Greece said farewell to this life.

The passing years did not cause his memory to fade. On the contrary, his reputation has grown. His personality has taken on very large dimensions.

There are not a few who say “Oh! Had Christodoulos been alive I’ll tell you what he would have done!”

Who knows? Surely, however, he would have had something to say about what is …

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  1. Why do you praise the man who said we deserved 9/11 as retribution for our bombing the Serbs (Vaslaces, ISBN 978-960-252-007-9)?

  2. Lakis we did NOT deserve 9/11 nor did the Serbs deserve to get bombed ! Especially bombing a church on Orthodox Easter and killing those inside was no accident and pretty much sums up how they feel about Orthodoxoy. The Archbishop was a great man not only for our church but for Hellenism everywhere. One dumb statement does not change his legacy.

  3. Archbishop christodoulos was a kind and
    Caring Sheppard to his flock and without
    Hesitation confronted the Greek government
    When it was wrong and did criticize
    The bombing of Serbia by the western
    Powers. He also saw that Greece was moving in the wrong direction and worked to
    Maintain the orthodox identity of greece.
    He reached out to the youth of greece
    And encouraged them to come to
    Church no matter how they were dressed.
    He emphasized coming to church without
    Badgering them.

    Yes he made some mistakes which he
    Apologized for but he also condemned
    Racism and anti Semitism.

    And he stood up to the phanars bullying
    Behavior in defense of the church of
    Greece. If he were alive today he no
    Doubt would have condemned the phanar
    Aggression in Ukraine. He always had
    Good relations with all orthodox

  4. The Greek Archbishop now sides with SYRIZA, the priests of the lands worry about government paying them, instead of serving God, they serve themselves .
    Should they be political? When the rights of any group, the nation or even individual is being threatened by the state or from outside, everyone has a say even a religious leader.

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