Some Questions for Former Foreign Minister Kotzias

FILE - Former Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias delivers his speech during a parliament debate about Prespa Agreement in Athens, Thursday, Jan. 24, 2019. (Photo by Eurokinissi/Yorgos Kontarinis)

The agreement with Skopje was passed by the Greek Parliament. Skopje was baptized “North Macedonia”. In other words, “Macedonia”. Have no doubt that this is what they will call it. Everyone.

NATO and the various embassies in Athens are popping the champagne corks.

And Mssrs, Tsipras and Kotzias are celebrating.

The real Macedonians, and those from all over Greece who died in the struggle to liberate Macedonia, yes  the Macedonian Freedom Fighters who are mocked by various members of the government – are mourning.

Kotzias is no …

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