Pernicious Parliamentarians Represent the Greatest Threat to Democracy in Greece

Former Defense Minister Panos Kammenos. (Photo by Eurokinissi/Yorgos Kontarinis)

The arrival of 2019 finds Greece in an election year, with parties and politicians jockeying for position and forging new alliances to maximize their chances of retaining or increasing their foothold on power. After four years, the government’s junior partner, the Independent Greeks, has parted ways with the self-styled radical left SYRIZA party, because of the latter’s intention on forcing through the Prespes Agreement with Greece’s eponymously misguided northern neighbor. Of course, in keeping with the jockeying and self-serving interest …

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  1. Well stated ..Mr Tripoulas… but you can say that now about most of the EU, United States and Nato countries of Europe!

    The latest and most recent example of this threat to the EU parliament..joining the U.S …in blatantly meddling into the affairs of the country of Venezuela….which is an International violation of every law of the United Nations …to somehow…. demand the removal of the elected President of Venezuela ..who under international supervision was elected in 2018 by 72 % of the people of Venezuela! And to top that off…have already endorsed and selected an un elected member of the Parliament of Venezuela as his replacement…and synifying their criminal complicity in the coup of the government of a sovereign nation of the world!

    And the Media white supremacist ..remain silent ..but cheer on …like they did in the killing of 600,000 Iraqis by George Bush and Nato…based on lies!

    While EU members France , Greece, and Germany….have been subjected to huge protest demanding economic justice and the removal of these leaders …and which the Yellow Vests in France…have for 11 straight weeks ..organized huge and massive marches on the doorstep of the parliament of France….All the EU parliament demonstrates is that they are a bunch of White Supremacist tyrants..who have amassed so much power and control over the people of the world …that they can do anything they want…that preserves their power and self interests!

  2. Carefull clinicians
    Lanky logisticians
    Obese ornithischians
    Pernicious politicians
    Reckless rhetoricians
    Stochastic statisticians
    Struggle to sway the nation
    They have the golden ratio.

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