Metropolitan Emmanuel of France Celebrated Theophany on Mt. Athos

Metropolitan Emmanuel of France officiates at the Theophany Service of the blessing of the Waters at the Pantokratoros Monastery on Mt. Athos. Shown are Bishop Maximos of Melitini, Abbot Gabriel, and priest-monks from various Monasteries of Mt. Athos. (CREDIT: Metropolis of France)

MOUNT ATHOS – His Eminence Metropolitan Emmanuel of France visited Mt. Athos where he officiated at Theophany Services celebrated according to the Julian calendar on Saturday January at the Monastery of Pantokratoros. Metropolitan Emmanuel was assisted by his newly-ordained auxiliary Bishop Maximos of Melitini, as well as by Abbot Gabriel and many priest-monks from the Pantokratoros Monastery and other monasteries as well.

The vigil, an all-night Service, began on Friday evening January 18 and ended on Saturday morning January 19, around 8,30 AM. A luncheon followed.

On Sunday Metropolitan Emmanuel visited the Monastery of Xenofontos and officiated at the Divine Liturgy on the feast of St. John the Forerunner on the date given by the old calendar.

Metropolitan Barnabas of Neapolis from Thessaloniki and also Bishop Maximos of Melitini concelebrated together with Abbots Alexios and Gabriel and many priest-monks of the Mt. Athos monasteries.

Metropolitan Emmanuel was warmly welcomed on Mt. Athos by the monastics. Emmanuel is one of the closest coworkers and confidants of Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew and he serves as his representative on many ecclesiastical missions. He was instrumental in the recent granting of autocephaly to the Orthodox Church of Ukraine by the Ecumenical Patriarchate.


  1. And he probably will be the choice to be the new Abp here, too. He is a close confidant of the EP and Fr. Alex and is a front-runner in this race. Just more of the same.

    1. Oh great ! Another Fr. Alex deal. Aren’t we lucky.

      You’ll see more of these beauty pageant photo ops for us gullible Amerikanakia., leading to April and the sacking of Demo. The evening gown competition is next.

  2. Exactly! More of the same and the Byzantine intrigue continues! Unfortunately, the Archdiocese lacks a hierarch with the likes of our late and of blessed memory, His Eminence Archbishop Iakovos. And, even if it did, Patriarch Bartholomew would never allow someone like that to ever be elected. He would be too much of a threat. He wants one of his own choosing and of course, a “yes” man.

    1. Gentlemen: if we get a Xeno again what do you think the American faithful can do in order to insist that an American be elevated to that post. Where is this Emanuel come from? does he speak English? What does he know about this Archdioceses.

    1. I had the opportunity yesterday to listen to the “Town hall meeting” sponsored by the Archons of the Ecumenical Patriarchate. discussing the issue of Ukrainian Autocephaly. Metropolitan Emanuel, Nicholas E. Denysenko, PhD, and Vera Shevzov, Phd we the panelist. Metropolitan Emanuel was out-classed by the other two academics, who had a wealth of historical and current knowledge on the church in Ukraine and its very complex history. Metropolitan Manuel who after all was the “representative” of the Patriarchate, was not very convincing in regards to the need for this action to be taken at this time, considering t that Autocephaly has been an issue for the Ukraine for more that one hundred years. Also the Patriarch of the Ukrainian Orthodox church of Kiev was not a participant in this discussions.
      Seems to me that the Patriarchate was duped to support a political faction, at the risk of alienating a significant portion of Orthodoxy.

  3. Just what we need here in the colonies. Another ass clown from overseas whose highest and best use appears to be wedging his nose deep into Bartholomew’s rear end. The demise of the GOA will be one step closer. Amazing how much damage Bartholomew’s greed and arrogance is doing to world Orthodoxy.

  4. There are plenty of Greeks in the jurisdiction of the very multinational Church of Russia. Remember that the Patriarchate of Moscow is by far the most multinational of all the Orthodox Churches…. far more multinational than the Patriarchate of Constantinople ever was or is. The Divine Liturgy is celebrated in more than 120 languages across the Church of Russia.

    It is a fallacy that Greeks or Greek-Americans can only worship in the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese. More and more, as we see the GOA becoming less and less Orthodox under the Patriarchate of Constantinople, faithful Orthodox Greeks and Greek-Americans need to move elsewhere.

    We all know where Constantinople and this new schismatic Ukrainian church that they helped create and are now in communion with are going — the goal is to go into communion with Rome and to become Uniates/Roman Catholics. They’ve flat out said it. Is that what we faithful Orthodox Greeks, Greek-Americans, Greek-Canadians want?

    If you’re interested in reading about a saintly Greek priest who served in the Russian Orthodox Church jurisdiction for decades and is revered locally as a saint, google and read about the now-reposed blessed Fr Nicholas Pekatoros in the Washington, D.C., area.

    Greeks are as welcome in the Russian Orthodox Church as everyone else in that jurisdiction (Americans, French, Italians, English, Filipinos, Canadians, Russians, Ukrainians, Poles, Indonesians, Pakistanis, Indians, Chinese, Japanese, etc.).

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