Dr. Alexander Alemis Presents New Book: True Free Enterprise vs Communism and Socialism

Dr. Alemis presents his new book, "True Free Enterprise vs Communism and Socialism" at the National Hellenic Museum in Chicago. (Photo by Anthe Mitrakos)

CHICAGO – Karl Marx’s Zeus-emulating beard, misnomers, monopolies and corrupt political systems were among topics noted at the presentation of “True Free Enterprise vs Communism and Socialism,” a new book by Dr. Alexander G. Alemis.

Presenting his third of a six-book series at the National Hellenic Museum, January 13, the Chicago-based general and cosmetic dentist began by challenging the viewpoint of those in the fields of humanities and social science.

“The problem with humanities and social science experts is that they do not apply statistics…an engineer applies statistics,” Dr. Alemis said. “Most of the time, the humanities experts would rather be wrong than alone.”

A self-proclaimed “oddball,” Dr. Alemis encouraged guests to question the current economic state of the U.S. and Greece, describing elements he believes hinder society’s true economic success.

“I look at things differently,” he said, noting his innate inquisitiveness as a student and professional. “There is a problem with oddballs…it’s hard to convince people, because they’re different.”

Dr. Alemis then spoke of his core philosophy, that a country’s political system determines the success or failure of that country and its citizens.

“Some say that you can succeed in any economy or political system,” he said. “That’s like saying ‘ignore the cobra or the tiger in the corner…if you pretend they’re not there, they won’t bite.’”

“The system really makes the difference. If you have a bad system, you cannot succeed…it’s really that simple. That’s why people came to America,” said Dr. Alemis, who immigrated to the U.S. from Greece in 1975 at the age of 16.

The 1985 University of Illinois College of Dentistry graduate and holder of 30 U.S. and State registered trademarks and service marks said he was born asking the question of what the best system for the most optimal governance of people is.

His mission in life, he said, is to discover, document and promote the most optimal system of governance of people in society, introducing his definition of intelligence.

“Intelligence is the ability to solve life’s problems and capitalize on opportunities presented in life, and therefore obtain optimal survival,” he said.

Dr. Alemis lectured the crowd on 18th century Scottish economist Adam Smith, widely considered to be the father of capitalism, and 19th century German economist Karl Marx, considered the father of socialism and communism. The two, Dr. Alemis said, are wrongfully considered to be the fathers of the aforementioned economic systems.

Adam Smith, Dr. Alemis said, “was an advocate of everything that comes from the earth, like minerals and farming…he was an economist…he lived in his mother’s house for most of his life, never got married, and never had a business.”

“Would you hire him to run your business?” he asked the crowd.

Dr. Alemis then entertained guests with the story behind the beard Karl Marx sported. “He saw a statue of Zeus, and he liked Zeus…he was his [Marx’s] idol,” Dr. Alemis said. “Zeus was the least egalitarian of the ancient world. This guy who is supposedly the most egalitarian of people, wanted to look like the least egalitarian of the ancient world…so go figure.”

Furthermore, Dr. Alemis explained that the misunderstanding of economic and political systems and their definitions, has caused confusion that often impedes people’s ability to correctly analyze their situation.

“When Americans say ‘we’re proud of our capitalism’ it’s a misnomer,” he said. “Americans are not proud of their capitalism, they’re proud of their free enterprise.”

In his presentation, Dr. Alemis concluded that responsible democracy in a true free enterprise system is the best governing system developed, taking what exists in nature and it arranging it in the best possible manner to produce the highest level of success and happiness for the people in it.

Dr. Alemis called upon guests to be the “top 5% of people” who actively make a positive difference in the world, noting that this comes with great challenge.

“You have to get dirty in the world, otherwise you’re not going to learn things…you’re not going to know things,” he said.

Practicing dentistry since 1986, Dr. Alemis is founder of the Family Dental Care Group, one of the largest dental groups in Chicago with over 100 staff and more than 20 doctors. He is a member of Dentistry for Handicapped Children, Donated Dental Services, Foundation for Literacy, and Concerned Businesses Association.

The author of several books and numerous articles, Dr. Alemis is also the founder of Anodiki Poreia, a management consulting company based in Greece.

Aside from researching political and economic systems, Dr. Alemis enjoys photography. His work, “Ancient Face of the Acropolis” received U.S. copyright from the Library of Congress in May 2017 and was subsequently featured in the The National Herald.

“True Free Enterprise vs Communism and Socialism” is available for sale on Amazon and at the National Hellenic Museum for $19.99. Proceeds from book sales at the event benefited the museum.

In his book, Dr. Alemis delves into the virtues of what he defines as true free enterprise versus  totalitarian systems, such as fascism and socialism.  Dr. Alemis’ other books include “Political Systems & Their Relationship to the Economy and Freedom,” and “Intelligence: Discover the the 63 Traits of Intelligence.”