Greece is Asking to Sacrifice what It Can Not  

Demonstrators hold Greek flags during a rally outside parliament in Athens, Sunday, Jan. 20, 2019. (AP Photo/Thanassis Stavrakis)

This past Sunday’s mass demonstration in Syntagma / Constitution Square in Athens against the agreement with Skopje sends a strong message to SYRIZA’s 145 MPs and the MPs of other parties who said they will vote for it.

At the same time, it sends an equally strong signal to the big foreign powers, mainly Germany and the United States, who have imposed the agreement on Skopje and are now trying to do the same in Greece.

The message is that it would …

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  1. Mr. Diamantaris …what has come into you? Honor, integrity, and Truth …something that has been missing for a long time …in Western media!

    While you state the obvious, you also state ..what is not so obvious to the uninformed people of Greece…but the world ..
    .Mr. Diamantaris …in those first two short paragraphs.. he.has served not only all Greeks…but the world!

    He exposes and is testimony to all Greeks….the depravity and treason of Alex Tsipras and his ruling party…to represent the interests of foreign countries, and not those of the people of Greece!

    Mr. Diamantaris…does what has been missing in Western media…for over 25 years , and what the masses need to know by stating the truth..about the actions of the U.S. government and its vassal states! He certifies …that it is not just the peasant and ignorant populace …who find the identity theft of the Macedonian name and culture, unacceptable , but what was once the respected opinion of journalist!!

    Mr. Diamantaris…exposes what all the wars in the Middle East and Europe have been about by the United States and Nato members like Germany…which is the taking control of the Economic , Political , and Military sovereignty of the independent countries of the world, to represent their interests…not those of the people of Greece .or the rest of the world!

    Mr Diamataris ..exposes the real meddlers in Greek Affairs ..and it is not Russia!

    Another lie by Tsipras …and act of…

    1. Their invading army uniformed recruits
      Removed the Greek gold in its entirety
      Now their siblings in three-piece suits
      Use the gold to control the sovereignty

  2. Yes force by outside forces as usual in Greek affairs and politics, but this time its not games but sovereignty that is at stake, the protests were not enough, not strong enough not nationwide as they should have been shut greece down, the yellow vest of France show what needs to be done, from the hill villages to the islands to Athina, and Thessaloniki fight, block, no movement til demands are met….no one working anyway were do they have to go….surround the Parliament no one in or out til this disgrace is over…SYRIZA, POTAMI, ANEL, ETC, all into the sea……..

    1. Pavlo… all the evidence the Parliament of Greece and ther people of Greece needs …to indict and remove the United States , Germany , England and Turkey …and the entire Nato organized crime family from Greece…for war crimes and crimes against humanity in their bombings, invasions, and occupations of Yugoslavia, Afganistan, Syria, Iraq, Yemen , Somalia, Libya…Cyprus and threatening Iran, China , Russia, Venezuela etc etc… violation of the fundamental international laws and charters of the United Nations….and without International authorization as required by the U.N…is in the Prespe agreement!

      As highlighted in the Prespe agreement, makes the United States government and Nato countries meddling in the affairs of Greece, a violation of international laws…and the charter of the U.N.

      Specifically, the following violation by the sponsors and collaborators in the Greek follows:

      ABIDING …by the provisions of the charter of the United Nations and in particular those refering to the obligations of the states to refrain in their international relations from the “THREAT AND OR USE OF FORCE” against the territorial integrity or political independence of any State.!

      RECALLING…….The obligations …under international law and the U.N. not to interfere on any Pretext.or in any form in the internal affairs and jurisdiction of others!

      The U.S and Nato…have demonstrated…they will not abide by the Prespe agreement…and its laws..when Fyrom becomes another…

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