Greece’s National Archaeological Museum Sees Big Visitor Rise

Source: National Archaeological Museum.

ATHENS – Only a few years after drug addicts controlled a park to the side of the building, the popularity of Greece’s National Archaeological Museum (NAM) is on the rise with more than 590,000 arriving in 2018, an 8.9 percent jump from 2017.

That was also a 29 percent leap over a three-year period, Museum Director Maria Lagogianni, said. “It is hard to describe the performance of an entire year without the help of numbers,” Lagogianni told journalists at NAM’s annual press conference in Athens.

The country’s biggest museum also hosted 122 international research programs and participated in eight exhibitions of ancient artifacts in Greece and other parts of the world, loaning out 191 pieces from its collection, Lagogianni said.

An exhibition on the Roman-era Antikythera shipwreck, featuring items from the NAM collection, which opened in Beijing, China on September 14, has received a record 16,000 visitors a day on average. It was recently extended to Feb. 14 due to popular demand.