The Unnecessary President

FILE - President Donald Trump (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

President Donald J. Trump infuriates his critics and heartens his supporters through a never-ending stream of outrageous tweets, inexplicable decisions, and rabble-rousing rhetoric complicated by a never-ending torrent of internally contradicting lies. But we have not paid much attention to the fact that he has been very consistent in making decisions that were not only outrageous and destructive but also completely unnecessary.

Recently, the former Middle East Peace Negotiator, Aaron Miller, noted that Mr. Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s …

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  1. Ha, ha. I love the irony of this titled article, not to mention the same old tired and emotionally charged (i.e. “brutalizing children”, “untold harm to public servants”) regurgitated myths / assertions coming from a former “necessary” ambassador.

  2. Why does TNH …continue to publish articles by this guy Theros…who we all now just one , of the Clinton and Obama family contribution to the foreign policy of overthrowing the governments of the independent countries of the world ..not compliant to his Anglo White Supremacist billionaires secret societies ..of England, Canada, United States and Australia…with allies Saudi Arabia and Israel control of their economic, political or military policies!

    Theros …who was the former U.S diplomat in Qatar….one of the state sponsors of terrrorism with Saudi Arabia, the United States, Turkey, England and Israel ..who funded, trained , and armed the the religious Sunni Muslim JIhadist terrorist ….who have killed thousands of Orthodox Christians and Shia muslims citizens of Iraq, libya, Syria , Somalia, Sudan …in order to overthrow the government of those countries!

    Theros…is one of those …swamp people in our government ..who created the endless wars in the World ,and in particuar …with his Qatar royal family …the destruction of the Middle East ..and continues to support the Swamp .in continuing the suffering of the people of Syria …by keeping American Troops in Syria…which are illegally there …but continue to support terrorist rebels in Syria..with some sort of last hope …of doing what they really wanted to do … eliminate the leader of Syria!

    Theros …is also ,…one of the Swamp people…attempting to support the unelected and illegal secret society of billionaires white supremacist …to retain their power and rule over the policies of America…by supporting a coup of the elected President of the United States…. Donald Trump!

    Theros ..reflects how the News Media..has been hijacked by former C.i.A and State department operatives to now man most of the news outlets of America be turned into merely a Propaganda arm of these Secret society sell their endless wars, rigged elections, fraudulent appropriation of trillions of dollars of the treasury of America their military industrial complex …to wage more wars …to fill their bottom line with Blood money!

    Theros ,,is one of those state department traitors…who have destroyed and sabotaged Donald Trumps efforts to improve relations with Russia ..which the american people want …but the Established Swamp people hate…because core to their control of the soveriengty of the world …is there insane goal to overtrow the government of Russia and China… any cost ..including Nuclear war …in order to eliminate the only countries who can stop a fascist march on the world! Therefore…the propaganda campaign of Russian Collusion …is totally false…but serves the purpose to enact legislation to start economic warfare against Russia …and to militarize the borders of Russia with American Troop and missiles …and representing unheard provocations against Russia ..even at the peak of the Cold war in the 60″s!

    What make Theros so sick …is that …he does not care…and is as disillusion as the Nazi’s of Germany in World War 2! But you see,,,,,these people are white supremacist ..;who have no vulnerability and are entitled in there demented minds …to manage the world at all costs!

    Mr. Theros …you and your crowd …are losing a grip on your power over 99% of America…and are losing ground everyday in attempting to maintain your occupation in both Iraq, and Syria …and your Iran initiatives for war …has become dead…with the change in foreign policy by Turkey now supporting Russia and Syria in ending the war in Syria!

    Mr. Theros….your economic blackmail plans of attempting to meddle into the economic afairs of the countries of the world demand fascist like compliance not buying oil and gas by this secret society of deviates from Russia and Iran …is failing!

    Mr. Theros …the idea of now ripping up an agreement with Russia prohibit nuclear warheads with intermediate missiles in Europe …will now allow Russia to deploy nuclear warheads ..who range is specifically targeted against the countries of Europe Greece ..and Russia can deliver within 10 minutes…is a crime against peace….since, it will allow also …the United States to deploy these nuclear warheads in the counties of foreign countries …to directly attack Russia…is a recipe for nuclear holocaust for Europe!

    But this does not matter to Patrick Theros…for the Glory of America and his secret society of war mongers!

    Now if you understand this …you will understand ..why Patick Theros appointee of the Clinton Family…desperately …is trying to destroy relations not only with Russia ../.but Donald Trump ..who promised to do the opposite ..but is finding out …that a coup of America ..has occured well before he showed up!

    1. Dear Mr. Gianakos,

      I would like to invite you to lunch in Washington DC so we can discuss my treason face-to-face. Please let me know when you can do this. I can be contacted through the National Herald.

      Patrick Theros

  3. Dear Mr. Theros,
    Your public “face to face” invite to Mr. Gianankos can be construed as bit disingenuous. NOT surprising of course in keeping with the disingenuous ethos that generally emanates from DC – since a meeting in DC would be highly impractical and therefore improbable, unless of course you’ve already determined Mr. Gianakos’ location. If that is the case; I apologize in advance.
    However, just as a reminder, this IS a public forum consisting of mostly Greek – Americans from all sides of the political spectrum who DID contribute toward your salary and benefits during your public “service”.
    It is a forum where all parties can, and should speak freely. You’re more than welcomed, and encouraged, to defend your patriotism and /or assertions here as well. Frankly, as a former public “servant”, you should feel OBLIGATED.

  4. Mr.Theros

    Thank you for your invitation ….but Greece 01 …has appropriately highlighted the impracticality of such a meeting…and he need not apologize to you for anything he has accurately and clearly posted ..which express my sentiments and desires from me !

    Mr. Theros…you have been part of government….which in 2014…a Gallup Poll of the American People .. revealed that 78% of the American people considered corrupt Thru and Thru! The same year an International poll of the countries of the Gallup revealed …that the greatest danger and Threat to World Peace was the United States of America, …not Russia!

    Mr. Theros…you have responded to my Post above ..which highlights only a small part of your contribution with the foreign service departments…like the State Department , C.I.A and Pentagon …that demonstrate …that your efforts to fool the public to wage illegal wars and destabilize the independent countries of the world …have failed!

    Therefore, …Mr. Theros…as Greece 01, has stated …anything you wish to tell me …should be shared with the Public!

    You see Mr. Theros…..Greece 01….is one of those informed citizens ..who understands how the Washington Belt operates….when you watch SS officer Mueller…indict 13 Russian citizens of meddling because of Social Media Post , but knowing that they would never stand trial in the U.S, and counting on that,.knowing he would never win..but useful in his war with the…

    1. The last word of my previous post ..were …..”with the coup of the elected president of the United States”.!

  5. <>
    Calling out a paid subscriber on a forum? Really?
    An individual with awards and honors as you should just stay silent. If your ego must reply, do so publicly.

    1. This comment thread was worse than usual. The normal is someone comments on the subject and then it degenerates into vituperation and vitriol. This thread began as vitriol. Being called a “traitor “ I hope you will admit is a bit much . I should have ignored him but instead I made the mistake of responding as politely as possible. Politeness apparently is a mistake.

  6. Hey Patrick.
    Sad, that you consider the truth abnormal and worst than usual….but then again, Mr. Theros, it must be shocking to you …that their are now …many more informed citizens of the world …qualified to call you, and your Globalist white supremacist collaborators in the Democratic and Republican parties .who have put my name ..on crimes against peace and humanity …with the support of foreign countries ..where freedom of religion does not your buddies in Qatar, Saudi Arabia , UAE , Turkey,,,,and the Aparthied state of Israel! ..

    Mr. Theros ..if you do not like being called out for your lies…then remove yourself from the pages of this Greek Secret Society. newspaper …that promotes the “Glory to America” false Narratives that have incited economic, political , and military warfare on Russia ..because, they are bad actors as you describe…in defeating your sponsors of Terrorism…Saudi Arabi, Turkey, Qatar, UAE , U.S , England and Israel to arm and recruit Sunni Muslim JIhadist terrorist ….who have killed thousands of Orthodox Christians and Shia muslims citizens of Iraq, libya, Syria , Somalia, Sudan …in order to overthrow the government of those countries!
    What make you a traitor ..Mr. Theros …is that your false narratives about Russia and against Donald Trump ..the enemy.who wants to be friends with Russia..threatens to evoke a military war on America…and that is an act of treason …in inciting war on our citizens!

    1. So , Mr. Theros…why don’t you politely refute all the allegation I have made against you, and set the record straight …for the readers of TNH and me!

      Instead ..of attempting to discredit the truth by doing what we are all witnessing today….in making the truth an enemy to be dismissed ..and the messenger …a criminal actor …for revealing it! Sort of what ,the did in dismissing the criminal actions of Hillary Clinton…and in prosecuting the editor Julian a foreign agent of Russia! No prosecution of Hillary …only retribution by the government of the purveyor of her criminal liabilaties……….So, Patick…how about starting with my allegation…that you have commited an act of treason .

      1..For remaining silent and for supporting .by sponsoring and funding acknowledged terrorist rebel like …Al Queda, ISIS , Muslim Brotherhood, Al Nustra …and all Sunni muslim jihadist overthrow the governments of the Middle East…by Qatar, Saudi Arabia,UAE, C..I.A of America , Mossad of Israel!

      Keep in mind …I have legitimate information which supports these charges against you!

      2.For crossing the borders and bombing , invading and occupying . the sovereign nation of Iraq, Syria, Afganistan, Yemen etc etc, and threatening war with Iran, Russia, Venezuela based on lies…and in violation of United Nations Charter ..which forbids any threats invasion , or warfare..both economically or military without the authorization of the U.N!.

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