There is a Shadow Hanging over the Presidency

FILE - President Donald Trump walks on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, Thursday, Jan. 10, 2019, after returning from a trip to the southern border. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

It was indeed an insulting question. And almost beyond the limits of the imagination.

However, the journalist from the Fox News channel, which passionately and in any way possible supports President Donald Trump, asked the question with the aim of facilitating his response.

“So I’m going to ask you, are you now, or have you ever worked for Russia, Mr. President?”

He became furious. His face grew red.

“I think it’s the most insulting thing I’ve ever been asked,” the President replied.

However, as everyone …

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  1. The same shadow hangs over Hellenism for colluding with the same Putin.
    Why don’t you guys face up to it: it was your ties with Russia that have turned the west agaist
    Greeks repeatedly for he last thousand years.
    What does it take for you to finally break the evil spell or Russia and its cults?

    1. Let be clear…Fox News supports the same Anglo White Supremacist Billionaire racist like their British owner ..Rupert Murdock ….who own most of the governments and media outlets in the world …to promote their Global Agenda of taking over any independent country of the world …not currently occupied by U.S or Nato forces ….and have a relationship with Russia and China…the only obstacles to their degenerate foreign Policy of regime change which will continue endless formentng of civil wars, and wars of those countries not compliant to their control!

      And this is the Shadow…that Trump was elected to clean out …you know the Swamp , Deep State, Secret Societies …and additionally ,….improve relations with Russia, End U.S occupations and Regime change policy., reduce taxes , and …Build a wall to secure the borders of America!

      Everything ,,,the Shadow opposes…since , it is contrary to their Global aspirations at the expense of the American people …to impose an International Order of the Richest members of the world to oversee the first International Communist Body…who owns the Sovereignty of the world! That is the new breed of Republican and Democratic leadership …like Hillary Clinton, Chuck Shummer, Nancy Pelosi, LIndsey Graham, Paul Ryan, MItch McConnell. ClA, Director John Brennan, Robert Mueller, etc etc. In short ,,,just about ever department of our government ..systematically …a mini communist / Fascist self funded business…whose only function is to manage a global initiative, and eliminate anyone ….including the President of the United States ….who threatens their power and policies!

      The only support Donald Trump …has is from some of the Rogue Billionaires ..who actually him …and fund their boy… represent them!

      Today….the Shadow …has turned loose its government and media operatives …to now impose their well established protocal of regime change they used on the countries of Iraq, Syria, LIbya, Yugoslavia , Yemen , Somalia, Sudan ..Lebanon…and are now working on Russia, China , Iran , Venezuela etc etc etc ….. on Donald Trump….to eliminate him as a threat to their historic control of the government of America ..which has been going on since …1776!

      Not only are they at war with Donald Trump …but with the people of America …by destroying the integrity of the Justice system ….in allowing Robert Muellar ….to continue a Russian collusion investigation ..which has proved nothing …but demonstrate the depth of the depravity …of power to watch some guy ..act like an SS officer of Nazi Germany …to prosecute everyone in the country to extort some sort of false statement …that can indict the sitting president of America !

      It is a complete indictment of the American people …to witness this …and do nothing …to demand the prosecution of Robert Mueller ..for acts of Treason supporting the efforts of members of Congress from both the Republican and Democratic parties to overthrow the president of the United states..and evoke war on the American people inciting hostilities and warfare on the Russian federation ..with any cause!

      Using the Russian Collusion case …has only destabilized the Presidency… and allowed the appropriation of billions of monies from the treasury of the United states …to put American Troops and military weapons on the borders of Russia, and impose economic warfare on Russia …;;which has restored the Cold War …and now has re adjusted Russia’s Nuclear Arsenal at the people of the United States!

      This is the Shadow …that is not only over Donald Trump ..but the entire world!

      And only white supremacist supporters in the Media….like Fox, Cnn, New York Times and Washington Post …can sell these lies and wars to the Public!

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