Theodore Bouloukos Impresses in New Film, Jobe’z World

The poster for Jobe'z World. Photo: IMDB

NEW YORK – Jobe’z World, written and directed by Michael M. Bilandic (Hellaware), starring Jason Grisell, Owen Kline, Stephen Payne, Jeremy O. Harris, Lindsay Burdge, Theodore Bouloukos, Sean Price Williams, Keith Poulson, Jason Giampietro, and Kate Lyn Sheil, is now playing at Cinema Village, 22 East 12th Street in Manhattan.

Richard Brody, film critic for The New Yorker, was especially impressed by the work of actor Theodore Bouloukos as Royce David Leslie, a fictitious actor. In his review, Brody writes, “It’s only the second week of January, but the year has already yielded a performance that is likely to be one of my personal leading candidates for Best Supporting Actor: Theodore Bouloukos in “Jobe’z World,” a remarkable new movie, directed by Michael M. Bilandic.” Bouloukos is a secret weapon of independent cinema… one of my personal leading candidates for Best Supporting Actor,”

Brody continues, “Bouloukos is a secret weapon of independent cinema” and “delivers an Orson Welles reincarnation, playing an orotund aesthete of outsized refinement, worthy to stand alongside John Huston’s version of Welles in Welles’s own recently and belatedly completed film from the nineteen-seventies, ‘The Other Side of the Wind.’ “With a sly drawl and a gleam in his eye, Bouloukos conjures the sardonic bonhomie and self-deluding display of sincerity of a colossus forced to keep a foot on the ground while his head inhabits realms of celestial glory.”

The film’s synopsis: Jobe, a mysterious middle-aged rollerblader, spends his days selling drugs to an eclectic mix of downtown weirdos. When he gets the call to to make a special delivery to his favorite actor he’s completely starstruck. What starts off as an exciting encounter with an A-list celebrity quickly devolves into a nightmarishly comedic trainwreck when the actor dies and Jobe is forced to flee into the night. Afraid and confused, he blades around the streets of lower Manhattan. Dodging paparazzi, police, a cinephilic doomsday prepper, a disturbed comedian, heartbroken superfans, and his raver roommate, he fights to clear his name – all while entertaining his mom who is visiting from out of town! Jobe’z World is a no-budget descent into the worlds of after-hours freakery and existential rollerblading.