Peter & Stella Yiannos Family Trust Donate $35,000 to AHEPA for Wildfires Campaign

AHEPA Supreme President George E. Loucas (Photo: TNH/Kostas Bej)

NEW YORK – AHEPA‘s Supreme President George E. Loucas announced that The Order of AHEPA is the recipient of a $35,000 gift from the Peter and Stella Yiannos Family Trust, of Wilmington, Delaware, that will go toward AHEPA’s Greece wildfires relief campaign.

Received in December 2018, the donation is made in memory of Angeliki Yiannopoulos, a relative of the Yiannos family who died in the wildfires that devastated Mati in July.

“We thank AHEPA for spearheading this worthy program,” a Yiannos family spokesperson said. “We donated to AHEPA in memory of our departed aunt, Angeliki Yiannopoulos, who perished in the wildfires in Mati and whose memory will always live on. We believe through our collective efforts we can do our part to help prevent future loss of life.”

“We are deeply grateful to the family of Peter and Stella Yiannos for their generous donation to our wildfires campaign,” Supreme President Loucas said. “The Yiannoses were active in the community and staunch proponents of Hellenism. Thanks to their family’s philanthropy, we will be able to provide much-needed assistance to the people of Greece.”

AHEPA’s Greece wildfires relief campaign has raised $200,000. According to Loucas, the establishment of a burn treatment room at Evangelismos Hospital in Athens and support for a Hellenic Fire Brigade training program are opportunities identified that are under strong consideration for AHEPA’s assistance. The administration of AHEPA’s wildfires relief campaign funds will be a priority on Supreme President Loucas’ agenda during AHEPA’s annual overseas leadership excursion in the spring.

Source: AHEPA